Ah, Awesome Games Done Quick. Every year of it proves to be slightly more surprising than the last, don't you think? For those who don't know, Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ for short) is an annual charity-raising livestream that gathers groups of gamers around hundreds of video games, recording themselves speedrunning said games as fast as humanly possible. All the while during these streams, commentators and the players themselves request donations from viewers, all of which are contributed to a different charity each year. The cause this year was the Prevent Cancer Foundation, one of the US' leading organizations when it comes to cancer research and prevention; a worthy cause that deserves all the money it can get. AGDQ 2019 lasted from January 6th to the 13th just the other day, and once the dust settled and the streams ended, the donation counter sat at a whopping $2,394,668 raised. Claps all around.


Donations are still open once the proceedings finish though, which crept the finishing count up to the $2.4 million mark. That's a new record for AGDQ in what's been a real record-breaker of a year already for them, beating out 2018's 2.2 million by around $150,000. It's no surprise how the folks over there managed to raise so much either; Over 46,000 people donated over the course of streams that peaked at 219,240 concurrent viewers. Some sources donated in huge quantities, and over 180 people donated $1,000 or more. Other charities AGDQ have contributed to in the past include Doctors Without Borders, CARE, and Organization for Autism Research. Following the events, GamesDoneQuick's official Twitter account tweeted out some hearty gratitude. "Thank you to everyone for supporting this event," it reads. "We honestly couldn't have done it without you."

Records weren't just broken in the charity department either, however. As is often the case, new goals were hit with speedrunning times on a variety of games. A big highlight includes speedrunner Krankdud, who made a world record run of Mega Man Zero 2 in 1 hour and 31 seconds. A variety of games old and new were given the spotlight, with some standouts being Super Mario Odyssey, Hollow Knight, Super Metroid, and Sonic the Hedgehog. The entirety of the event took place in Rockville, Maryland, but the GamesDoneQuick team isn't stopping to take any breaths (much like their speedruns play out). Already, the team is looking ahead to their annual summer event: Summer Games Done Quick. As you might have surmised, SGDQ plays out in a similar fashion to AGDQ, even if it has a little less traffic going for it. SGDQ 2019 will take place in Bloomington, Minnesota (same as last year) between June 23rd to June 30th.


As for Awesome Games Done Quick 2020, organizers went on to reveal that the event will take place in Orlando, Florida; a first for them. Dates haven't been announced for it yet, but they'll be revealed hastily enough and in due time. As for you, if you weren't able to catch any of the festivities and speedruns, don't fret! AGDQ has an official YouTube channel where you can go and check out the many games that were played; all of the livestreamed footage has been archived and separated by game for your viewing pleasure. Even though AGDQ has seen its own share of controversy in the past, it's almost always a good, fun time to celebrate how cool video games are while raising money for a good cause. Many of the speedruns have the players incorporating insane tech and glitches that help them get through the games faster, which is both mind-blowing and an intriguing look under the hood at games you may have played in the past. With that in mind, all of AGDQ's past years are archived on their channel as well. Congrats to them on the records hit, and best of luck next year!


Tanner is a freelance writer. He enjoys all things video games, particularly the weirder ones, and can often be found drinking coffee and trying to get through his backlog.

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