Ah, Dragon Age 4. This game has been such a tease since it was first announced, and it's been a really long time coming. The last mainline game in the Dragon Age series was Dragon Age: Inquisition in 2014. Since then, we've been waiting eagerly for more. The game has received a few small teases, most notably at The Game Awards, but actual news on its development and progress has been few and far between. Thankfully, we have events like Gamescom to help change that. During Gamescom's Opening Night Live, BioWare dropped a four-minute video diving into the development of Dragon Age 4. While it's not much, there's still some interesting stuff here to take note of, including our first-ever look at the gameplay!


The video, entitled 'The next DRAGON AGE: Behind the scenes at BioWare', takes us through different avenues of the BioWare offices. Various members of the team speak out on the work they're putting into Dragon Age 4, and sprinkled in between these are some gorgeous pieces of concept art. Following the artwork, we get to see some voice acting being recorded, and the character model for Inquisition's Solas being put together. Solas is a big plot point for Dragon Age 4 after what happens with him in Inquisition, so fans are eager to see where that goes. BioWare saved the best for last, giving us a very brief, very early look at the gameplay in action (complete with actors performing motion capture). Due to how early the footage is, the backgrounds aren't complete yet, but we do get to see the player character rolling out of the way of an enemy's attack. With the criticisms of passive combat in Inquisition, it seems like it may be more active this time around.

Dragon Age 4's development has been through a very rocky road from the beginning. BioWare quickly started it only a year after Inquisition's launch, but the project ended up being scrapped after the repeated critical failures from both Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem. Equally rocky development on both those titles led to a shifting of team members, causing the original version of DA4 to be wiped clean. The decision to scrap the project happened around late 2018, and was reportedly a decision between BioWare and publisher EA. The report also mentions that EA wasn't happy with the fact that the game didn't provide any sort of live service component, which is something they've been pushing for in a lot of games (like Anthem). Supposedly, the Dragon Age 4 under development now will incorporate some live service components (which isn't something a lot of fans may be positive about).


Despite the troubling reports and re-launched development, the hope is that Dragon Age 4 will be another solid entry in the series. It's a lot of pressure, especially after looking at what happened with Mass Effect: Andromeda (a divisive entry to an equally popular series from BioWare). With development still, pretty early on, Dragon Age 4 will almost-certainly be launched onto next-gen platforms by the time it comes out. Check out BioWare's video below if you want to see how the game's looking for yourself. Based off the concept art, gameplay, and words from the team, it's looking like everything fans love from Dragon Age. The wait still looks like it's going to be a long one, but as long as the team has time to make the game shine, that's really all that matters in the end.


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