Sony's London SIE Studio is a developer I always have my eyes on. They've become known and well-regarded for their more innovative titles that push the boundaries of PlayStation's tools, as well as real life. From the old days of the AR-focused EyeToy, to their more recent VR game, this studio knows how to innovate. You'll be excited to know, then, that they've begun working on a new project for the PlayStation 5. With the console just recently released, now seems like the perfect time to leave their mark and put out another groundbreaking title. While the ideas they tackle may be considered 'niche' by some, they're often ideas worth exploring.


So what do we know about this new game? Not much, aside from the fact that it will be exclusive to PlayStation 5. The details come from the team's VFX lead, who updated his LinkedIn page revealing they've begun work on their "next big title". A new job listing was also posted on SIE London Studio's official website. Peering into that reveals they're looking for someone to "lead the development of the online features required for [the] next big title". With that in mind, it sounds like this new game will have an online component of some sort, if not full-out multiplayer. That's where the info dries up for now, but I'm sure it won't be long until we find out more, whether it be via official announcements or more low-key info like this.

Speculation is high that this new game will be on VR in some capacity. The studio's latest game, Blood & Truth, was a spotlight title for the PlayStation VR, taking players through a gritty criminal underworld in VR-centric first-person shooter gameplay. The game made extensive use of the PlayStation Move controllers to simulate hand movement, recreating the feeling of opening things or reloading your guns. Currently, PlayStation VR sits in a nebulous area. While it seems all-but-certain Sony has plans for it with the PlayStation 5, it's hard to say what these plans are. Some believe they'll stick with the usual PlayStation VR hardware, maybe slightly updated for the PS5 experience and tech. It seems equally likely (if not more so) that they may be producing a newer PlayStation VR device, one with better specs befitting of the PlayStation 5. If this is indeed the case, it's possible the new game in question here would be taking advantage of this.

Needless to say, there are a lot of unknowns at this time. The PlayStation 5 is a very new thing still, and Sony's plans for the console are just getting started. That's not to even say how hard it's been to find the console these days, with retailers being sold out left and right. When they do have the consoles back in stock, they seem to sell out faster than a bolt of lightning (usually due to scalpers and/or bots). Hopefully, with the advent of 2021, Sony will have more consoles available for everyone to buy. While we wait, make sure to give Blood & Truth a try if you haven't already. PlayStation VR isn't as hard to get a hold of now as it once was, and there are plenty of cool bundles available for it too. While it's not the tech powerhouse that the Valve Index and Oculus VR devices present, it's a fantastic and affordable way to get your feet wet with virtual reality (and a good way to enjoy some unique PlayStation exclusives too).


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