We know a new Resident Evil game is on the way. We know its title. We even know a bit about how it's going to look and play! But don't you want more? I certainly know I've been craving more info on the much-anticipated horror title ever since developer Capcom first unveiled it during Sony's PlayStation 5 event back in June. Those craving more footage and more information won't have long to wait on it, as Capcom took to Twitter to announce they're showing off more Resident Evil Village later this month at Tokyo Game Show 2020. It'll be just in time to gear us up in anticipation for its 2021 launch sometime next year (we don't have anything outside of that window).


Capcom's tweet was straightforward and to the point! "Resident Evil Village will be part of Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online and Capcom's own TGS LIVE 2020!" the tweet states. "We know that gamers were excited to learn more in August so we apologize for the delay." No need for apologies, Capcom; we're a patient bunch. Resident Evil Village is the next installment in the Resident Evil series, and cleverly disguises its status as the eighth game in the 'Vill' part of the title through roman numerals. Capcom is billing Village as a direct sequel to 2017's Resident Evil VII: Biohazard; you play as Ethan once again, investigating a (you guessed it) village. The game is first-person, like its predecessor, and focuses heavily on a deranged Chris Redfield throughout its storyline.

Resident Evil Village isn't the only game set to make an appearance at Tokyo Game Show. The event is always a grand occasion every year, even if this year is forced to be an online-only affair due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many big studios are set to drop announcements over the four day period, including Square Enix, Level-5, and Spike Chunsoft among countless others. Even Microsoft has recently confirmed that they'll be presenting some stuff for the event, kicking things off right after TGS 2020's opening. The Xbox giant was quick to quell theories that they may be showing more next-gen games, clarifying that there won't be any "next-gen news". The fever pitch surrounding more next-gen info from Microsoft isn't surprising, as the company has yet to reveal further details on the Xbox Series X, such as its specific release date and price. Essentially, they're playing a game of chicken with Sony.


Tokyo Game Show 2020 promises to be another exciting event this year, and a good way to end off the month in a few weeks. The show kicks off on September 24th (a Thursday), and will feature announcements and trailers every day through to September 27th (a Sunday). You'll be able to catch livestreams of the event through outlets like YouTube and Twitch. Capcom is even holding their own TGS livestream, which will feature Resident Evil Village prominently (as mentioned in the tweet). Plenty to look forward to since September just got started. It looks like everything that Resident Evil VII did right and more. I'm even getting some RE4 vibes from its old town setting.


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