Battle Chasers: Nightwar, the turn-based role-playing games about action-packed dungeons, has now made its way to Linux. Designed as a love letter to all great JRPGs from Phantasy Star, Chrono Trigger, to Suikoden, players must devise a plan for survival in a sprawling overworld.

The remote town of Harm's Way stands as your safeguarding to prepare for the looming dangers that will arise with further exploration. Upon choosing from one of the three starting heroes, you'll load up your backpack with items that you've stashed, try to find your best equipment, and pick the abilities you think will benefit you in the long-run. As soon as you think you're ready, strike out into the darkness, and become familiarized with the dangers you've always been warned about.


Emulated through traditional 2D animation, the world is peppered with hidden dungeons, menacing bosses, and randomly generated foes that are presented in classic form. The combat is old-school and inspired by the RPG greats, with a two-tiered mana system being implemented to the turn-based initiative. Random buffs will be featured, and debuffs will have their own initiative slots. The dungeons you'll find yourself exploring are randomly-generated, loaded with puzzles, traps, and secrets.

The story is driven through the discovery of lore on items, secret elements, and landmarks. This incentivizes exploration and allows those who are just in it for the gameplay to skip the non-linear story entirely. Merely discovering these items will reward lore points and may be utilized to upgrade the heroes' various abilities. Abilities are unlocked as heroes level up, and may eventually go over your about of alloted slots as you rank them in, so be sure to choose the best of your arsenal when the time comes.


Nightwar doesn't offer any basic attacks, meaning all abilities consume or generate mana when activated. Blue mana stands as the core resource pool, while red mana acts as a backup or bonus pool when needed. If you happen to run out of blue mana, red mana may be generated as an alternative to perform your most powerful attacks. Red mana, unlike blue, often takes time to generate, and is lost when the battle ends, therefore you'll want to use it carefully as to preserve the core blue mana pool. Each hero reacts to red mana use in a unique way, so building it is encouraged so long as it's done so resourcefully. Some may heal slightly when using red mana, while others suffer penalties when resorted to it.

Surviving in Nightwar doesn't come easily with the procedurally generated dungeons and scattered traps, but you'll need to try your best, as death results in losing everything that's not equipped to your character. Knowing this, come prepared for mayhem before entering a dungeon, and plan accordingly. Most dark corners lead to creatures, lethal traps, or puzzles, so death isn't going to be all that infrequent. Each dungeon has one single resting point, so it's not all so bleak. Here, you'll be able to replenish all your resources and stash some items for safekeeping if you don't feel like losing them in the mysteries ahead. The catch is, you may only rest here and perform your safeguarding once per dungeon, so be sure to traverse victoriously when you choose to continue.


This pressure can be mitigated by utilizing your heroes' unique dungeon skill. You'll likely contain an assortment of dungeon skills that aid greatly through the adventure, featuring skills that include necessities such as treasure finding, lock picking, and dashing. Depending on who you're maining, they may include the less ordinary teleportation, blinding, or invisibility options. You'll acquire these through your perk points, which comes from a plethora of actions, including leveling up, killing bosses, and finding relics, to name a few. Armor, weapons, and trinkets that you find along the way will also aid in your dungeon slaying. Vendors will pop up to sell items you may find beneficial, so be sure to keep an eye out for anything that stands out as you make your way around the world.

Following several months of patches and updates, the Linux version is now live, and available to play on Steam. If this one seems interesting, be sure to check out the trailer below.

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