Uncertainty has forever surrounded the second part of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake since the first part released back in April of this year. Part one's release happened so soon after the coronavirus pandemic really began gripping the world tight, and said pandemic directly affected progress on the next installment of the remake. This was confirmed a few weeks back, when director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that most of the team had begun working from home and progress had slowed significantly. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, however, as Square Enix has suddenly changed gears. The good news comes from Japanese magazine outlet Famitsu (doesn't it always?), in which various members of the team, Nomura included, are interviewed about the remake's development.


The whole thing was translated by Twitter user Aitaikimochi, who highlighted some of the more relevant bits. According to Nomura, part two of the Remake has entered 'full development', and he wants to get the game out to fans as quick as humanly possible. "We know that everyone wants the next installment quickly," Nomura says in the interview. "We would also like to deliver it as soon as possible. Since we were also able to see the line of quality from the first installment, we hope to make the next installment even better in quality that can make for an even better experience. We would like to get it out as soon as possible, so please wait for it. I think we can clearly convey the direction when we announce the next installment." Executive producer Yoshinori Kitase goes on to hint that the 'new story' of Final Fantasy VII has just begun, implying that we'll find out more about what path Square Enix is going to take in regards to the wild twists of the main plot.

This news all comes in despite Square Enix still being required to work from home as the coronavirus pandemic worsens in Tokyo, Japan. Even with these conditions, it's heartening to hear that the team is still able to enter full development. These folks run a tight ship! Nomura also had some fun trivia to reveal in regards to the first installment of the Remake, such as the removal of new character Roche from Chapter 14 (he was originally going to play a bigger role in the first part, but got axed due to mood whiplash). They also had to tone down the scene in the massage parlor, as it originally would've increased the game's rating from T to M. FFVII Remake serves as a full-scale remake of the 1997 PlayStation JRPG. As such, it explores the world of Midgar and the characters of FFVII in more detail than ever before, all on top of a new combat system that's more in line with recent real-time action Square Enix RPGs.


So when can we really expect part two to release? That's up for debate at this point. Based on Nomura's wording, it's clear Square Enix intends to officially reveal the next part via a trailer of some sort or conference in the future. Once that happens, the release probably won't be far off. Chances are high that it won't come out till after the next generation of consoles has released, meaning part two may release on both PlayStation 4 and 5. While development has entered full speed, we may still have a bit to wait. At the very least, Square Enix has a lot of assets from part one to re-use, and the reception behind that first installment should make development proceed more smoothly this time around. We don't know much about part two yet, outside of the fact that it may be smaller than part one (as we're now getting into the open-world map sections of the original game). FFVII Remake is available exclusively on PlayStation 4.


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