Fortnite absolutely loves messing with its fanbase. Throughout its many seasons, the transition from one to the next would often involve huge map-altering events, and sometimes even cryptic puzzles that players would enjoy speculating about in the lead up to future seasons. This past Sunday saw the close of Season 10, and to say Fortnite went out with a bang this time would be... well, a massive understatement. The event kicked off with the actions of the Visitor, an alien character introduced to the game by way of a meteor at the end of Season 3 way back when. The Visitor kicked things off by launching a rocket off of Dusty Depot. This rocket ended up creating rifts in the sky, out of which came dozens of small missiles that created a rift of their own. This rift led to the very same meteor from Season 3, which proceeded to launch into the vault. Following that, the entirety of Fortnite island gets sucked into a massive black hole, leaving nothing but darkness and a ring of light in its wake.


For the following two days, it was nothing but silence and anticipation. Fortnite's official Twitter account went dark, and that very same image of the darkness and black hole ring were all that remained on the game's official Twitch stream. Epic, ever the show-runners, remained totally silent during this period. It wasn't really certain what was going to happen next for Fortnite... until today, that is. Early this morning, Fortnite came back, this time under a new moniker: Fortnite Chapter 2. The new edition of Fortnite is live, and you can play it as soon as you start up the game. Chapter 2 represents new beginnings for Fortnite, overhauling the original map in favor of a completely new one. This map is littered with new weapons, and most importantly, new things to do. Based on a trailer that leaked a day beforehand, water is a big focus in Chapter 2. Players will be able to swim, fish, and ride on a new boat, among other things.

Epic Games has been curiously silent about Fortnite Chapter 2; there aren't even any patch notes listing the truckload of new changes this event made to the game. Doesn't mean there won't be in the near future though. In the meantime, Chapter 2 will be patched to your Fortnite game no matter what platform you play on, whether it be PC, consoles, or mobile devices. The size of the patch varies from platform to platform, however, with PC taking the cake at a whopping 16GB. Chapter 2 also has a completely new Battle Pass, and is starting over as its own Season 1 separate from the first edition of the game. Said Battle Pass is littered with all sorts of new daily challenges to complete while you get your bearings in this new map. It's filled with a lot of familiar faces and characters, but there are some new additions this time around. In theme with that, players also have access to new skins for their own characters.


It's nice to finally have the silence broken on Fortnite's cataclysmic Season 10 ender. Knowing Epic Games, they'll probably just try to up the ante with later seasons, huh? I'm sure you've already heard of Fortnite Battle Royale, but in case you haven't, it's one of the biggest, most popular installments in the battle royale genre. Helping its popularity is that its free to play, so anyone can hop in and enjoy the fun. Fortnite is available on a lot of different platforms as well. Console-wise, you can play it on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One. For PC gamers, Windows PC and Mac OS are both viable options. Last but not least, if you prefer to take your game on the go, Fortnite can be enjoyed on iOS and Android devices. With Season 10 closed and a whole new chapter of the game just beginning, now is a perfect time to jump on board and see what all the fuss is about. Oh yeah, and remember the leaked trailer mentioned up above? You can watch it down below; it gives a nice general overview of what we can expect in Chapter 2.


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