G4 is one of those things that sits comfortably in the small corners of my brain; a bizarre, wonderful experience that I can access at random and be like "Hey, does anyone remember this?". I never thought I'd be writing an article about it, but here we are! The G4 Network, formerly a TV channel, is staging a return sometime in 2021. The news comes by way of IGN, who posted a teaser during the recent Comic-Con@Home event (said event served as a replacement for SDCC due to coronavirus). The teaser in question is a brief little trailer that takes us through a dingy warehouse filled with nostalgic goods and gaming collectibles. It ends with a shot of the G4 logo, along with the tagline "We never stopped playing.". How cryptic!


Alright, some backstory. G4 was a television network that launched in 2002. The idea behind it was to provide entertaining television for pop culture and gamers. This led to the creation of shows like X-Play, a hosted TV spot that presented trailers, gameplay footage, and game reviews. It also featured the popular Attack of the Show. As someone growing up in the early 2000s, these shows were very entertaining, often informative programs that led to the discovery of games popular at the time. As you can imagine, the increasing relevance of the Internet started to slowly but surely chip away at G4's validity. The rise of popular gaming journalism sites and YouTube alike meant there wasn't much need for shows that provided game news, pop culture clips, and reviews.

This inevitably led to the network's closure in 2014. It's easy to see why some people may not even know what G4 was, let alone the shows it had. As if to confirm the revival, various former G4 hosts retweeted the teaser trailer on their own accounts. Curiously, former X-Play host Adam Sessler expressed surprise at the announcement, suggesting that he may not have been told about it beforehand. There are no actual details behind the revival yet. It could be a website, a YouTube show, or something new to watch on a streaming platform. One likely candidate may be the new streaming network Peacock, which was started by NBCUniversal. Guess who owned G4 before its closure? NBC. The timing would certainly make sense, as Peacock just got started a couple of weeks ago. We'll just have to wait and see.


There's no doubt some clues will get dropped on the various hosts' Twitter accounts over the next few weeks. Since IGN were the ones who dropped the announcement, anything we hear in an official capacity may come from them. Simply put: Keep a close eye out on this story, friends. What would you want to see in a revived G4 network? Some things would probably need to be different this time around, lest we have a repeat of what led to the network's shuttering before. The whole thing is a nice little trip down memory lane, though, and an interesting time capsule for how things were before the Internet became the dominating force it is today in our daily lives. You can catch the mysterious teaser trailer down in the usual spot. Watch it closely, as IGN notes there are multiple easter eggs to spot within it.


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