It's hard to believe Ghost of Tsushima only came out there weeks ago. The game has seen smashing success and popularity with PlayStation 4 players, marking yet another success in developer Sucker Punch's growing library. One criticism thrown towards the game, however, was the perceived restrictions in the default difficulty settings. Some players felt that the hardest difficulty wasn't all that bad, while others saw the easiest level as a bit too punishing with the game's timing-based combat. Sucker Punch has set out to fix these issues in a real timely fashion, and thanks to the latest 1.05 patch, there's something to please everyone here. Let's see what's changed.


Right off the bat, there's the difficulty settings. For gamers who are looking for more of a challenge, or are just feeling too cozy in the current hard mode, Lethal difficulty has now been added. While this mode makes the protagonist Jin Sakai more lethal to his foes, it does the same with his enemies. They're far more aggressive in this mode, and your timing window for parries and dodges is incredibly small. At the same time, players attempting to ghost it on this mode will find the enemies able to detect them even faster than before. On the flip side of things, there's the newly added Lower Intensity combat. The main focus of this difficulty mode is increasing the timing window for the parries and dodges, which is frequently what tripped up players before. Players will be able to block attacks that were unblockable before, and enemies will leave you be while you're healing. As with Lethal, stealth gameplay has been tweaked so it's easier to sneak around without getting caught.

The last of the changes are pretty minor, but still very welcome. They mainly focus on the UI and text size. Players will now be able to adjust these elements in the options menu, giving text a bump up to large if it was too hard to read before. You can also color the text and turn off the speaker names if you prefer. Alongside all of this are the usual bug fixes and polishes here and there. These new accessibility options push the game one step closer towards the new standard for such features, which seems to be TLOU Part 2 (a game that, while controversial, has been praised for its in-depth accessibility). Ghost of Tsushima is the latest open-world outing from Sucker Punch (of Sly Cooper and inFamous fame). It's a rather notable title for being one of the last big PlayStation exclusives to launch before the era of the PS5 begins. The game focuses on the mongol invasion of Japan, in which you play as Jin, a samurai who must push back against the invading force and protect the island of Tsushima once and for all.


Ghost of Tsushima is available now exclusively for PlayStation 4. Patch 1.05 likely won't be the last time we see some changes made to the game, and thankfully, it seems like Sucker Punch is extra attentive right now in a period so close after launch. The game's release has been a long time coming after it was hit by a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing SP's employees to work remotely. With it finally out, that puts a nice cap on PlayStation's big, anticipated exclusive titles for the generation, alongside the likes of Death Stranding, Dreams, and TLOU Part 2. I wonder what the studios behind these games will make in the next generation? Only time will tell.


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