Grandia is a series beloved by many who grew up in the late 90s-early 2000s. The first two games, in particular, have seen a healthy amount of popularity over the years, and even some re-releases. At long last, Grandia and Grandia II are both getting the HD-remastered treatment to add to the bunch. Publisher GungHo announced in a statement put out the other day that both games will be coming to Nintendo Switch sometime this winter. The original Grandia will be making its way to Steam in HD form as well, joining the already-existing Grandia II Anniversary Edition on the platform. According to GungHo, the games will be released on Switch in the form of a "combo pack", but additional details about this are unknown at this time.


The HD remasters will definitely come as a surprise to some, as Grandia has been a series long-since shut after its last main installment, Grandia III, in 2005. To get this treatment now definitely shows some renewed interest, likely backed up by the incredible success of certain JRPGs like Octopath Traveler as of late. The Grandia games are well renowned both for their addictively fun battle system and their beautiful 2D artwork. II saw the shift from the first game's 2D sprites to actual 3D models. Grandia and Grandia II have their own self-contained stories and characters, but both are set in the same world. Battles in Grandia play out similar to other RPGs where you have to keep track of the characters' positions on the battlefield, and strategically use that to your advantage as you slay your foes.


So what all will be new with these remasters? No precise details were given on that end, but if we look to Grandia II's HD release on Steam, we can probably find some strong possibilities. That release bumped up the texture visuals, alongside the lighting and shadows, which is likely what both games will see on Switch. In addition, it also featured the Japanese dub and a new difficulty level. The hope is that both Switch versions will have these too, and the Steam version of Grandia. There may even be additional improvements that we won't expect. Good news is that GungHo confirmed they will have more to say about the release at PAX West when that takes place near the end of August. The company will also be holding a playable demo of the Grandia II HD Remaster there, so anyone attending who's interested should make sure to go give it a look.


We only have the winter release window for Grandia and Grandia II HD right now, but this will probably put the release right around the holidays. If you can't wait to play them, the original Grandia can be hunted down for the first PlayStation. The original Grandia II, meanwhile, can be found for PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast. The updated Anniversary Edition of the game is right over on Steam, and it will most likely serve as a direct comparison to how it all looks on its Switch counterpart. PAX West officially begins on August 31st and runs until September 3rd, so keep watch for further news on the pack around that time.


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