The zombie survival game H1Z1 seen a massive update recently. This added a new map, new daily challenge system amongst other things. You will be able to earn skulls from the challenges which in turn allows you to purchase items from the skull store. This store contains player, weapon, and vehicle skins. The challenges consist of three difficulties, easy, medium, and hard but don’t necessarily have to be completed in a single match.



The weapons in H1Z1 also seen some changes as well. For instance, explosive arrows are now very effective against vehicles, AR-15 recoil has been reduced, and the shotgun is now more accurate at distances. With this patch, you may also loot items while you’re reloading a weapon. The bullet drop for pistols and rifles has also been reduced.

The newly refined combat zone lets you practice your combat skills without being in an actual match. This allows you to keep respawning once you die so you can keep practicing combat with other players. In this mode, your character spawns with a random assortment of guns giving you the chance to practice with each. I highly recommend you check the latest patch out.

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