Remakes have been a popular source of entertainment these days. To be clear, I'm talking from-the-ground-up remakes, not remasters (though those are nice too); taking a rather old title and pushing it forward into how it would look modern-day. More often than not, these remakes form out of passion and nostalgia for the original title. This is especially true when it comes to the upcoming Mafia remake in development at Hangar 13. We've known about the remake's existence for some time now, and its release is mind-bogglingly only two months away. Seems like now's the perfect time for some gameplay to amp up the hype, right? Publisher 2K Games agreed, and just the other day, they put out some lengthy gameplay footage for the anticipated remake. In addition, we also got some info behind the remake's development straight from the developers themselves.


Mafia: Definitive Edition takes 2002's hit classic and remakes the whole thing in Mafia 3's engine. Hangar 13 became the new holders of the series with Mafia 3's release, and the team houses multiple veterans from the Mafia team Illusion Softworks. It follows naturally, then, that some of the team would want to see Mafia brought back in a whole new way. Hangar 13 also saw it as a natural extension to bridge the gap between Mafia 3 and their next big project, at least according to an interview over on IGN with Hangar 13 president Haden Blackman. In said interview, Blackman talks over how the devs have reworked the gameplay in various ways to cater to new and old fans alike. The whole project quickly grew in size. "A full-up remake was the original pitch," Blackman states. "I think that once we got into it, though, and we kind of started looking at all the thing we could do, it became a little bit more than we originally anticipated."

Blackman emphasizes that the story beats and missions remain identical to the original Mafia, as the team knew the core narrative would "hold up well". The actual changes and tweaks come in the form of smaller things, such as improvements to the characters' expressions in cutscenes, a new driving model alongside an option for the original game's driving rules, and more visible waypoints. New cutscenes have been added for some characters such as protagonist Tommy Angelo's wife, who infamously barely appeared in the original game at all outside of one scene. All of these edits drive forward the notion that the remake really is the 'Definitive Edition' of Mafia as the title implies. Blackman also notes that while the remake is made through the Mafia 3 engine, the graphical fidelity and performance have all been improved since Mafia 3's release. This is to settle worries that the game would look and play exactly like 3. Rather, the lighting and graphical fidelity are more in-line with the kind of games we've been seeing nowadays.


Mafia: Definitive Edition will release on September 25th for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It's important to note that the game will be available as part of the Mafia: Trilogy package, a $60 purchase currently available on the above platforms. The Trilogy package currently only features remastered versions of Mafia 2 and 3, but buyers will have instant access to Mafia: Definitive Edition the day it releases, completing the package in its entirety. When asked about next-gen versions of the remake, Blackman didn't rule it out. "There's nothing we can talk about right now," he said. "It's definitely something we're looking at". It's a great look at what to expect from the remake, and it's sure to raise the nostalgia for those who were big fans of the original game.


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