I love a good mystery. And if you're reading this article, well, you probably do too. Mystery games, in particular, are some of my favorite kinds. It stands to reason then that the game 'Her Story' was right up my alley. Released onto PC and mobile devices back in mid-2015, Her Story is a unique game made up entirely of live-action footage watched in the first person from a computer monitor. The game was developed and directed entirely by Sam Barlow, whom you may know as the lead designer/writer behind two of Silent Hill's spinoff titles: Origins and Shattered Memories. Now, it looks as though his next big project is about ready to debut. Revealed by way of a new trailer, Barlow's next game is called Telling Lies, and it's set to release by the end of the week (as of the time of this writing). Surprise!


So what's the deal with Telling Lies anyway? One look at the trailer will immediately tell you the influence the game took from Her Story's creation; just like that game, Telling Lies also takes place entirely in the first person, watching archived footage stolen from an NSA database. The footage, naturally, is in live-action. This time around, some of the characters are even played by more well-known actors. There are a total of four characters to sift through this time around, and a mysterious incident that ties them all together. Your goal is to piece together the clips and information to form a cohesive narrative behind what happened to them. But just who are you, anyway? And why would you be wanting to look through these records, to begin with? That, too, ties into the overall mystery. Naturally, you can't talk too much about the game's story without entering spoiler territory.

In Her Story, players would solve the mystery by uncovering new video clips via search terms. For instance, if the player searches 'apple' and there's a video clip where the character says 'apple', that video clip is pulled up. Telling Lies will work in a similar manner, though there's a mountain-load more of clips to find since there are four characters to keep track of. Similarly, due to this, the complexity is increased; in Her Story, all of the clips were from one-to-one interviews. Telling Lies has one-sided clips from video conversations between multiple people, meaning a clip by itself will have to be matched up with other clips in the same conversation. Naturally, there's an in-game tool to help keep track of everything. By Barlow's estimation, this game is about four to five times longer than its predecessor, so there's a lot in store for eager players looking for a good mystery to solve.


Telling Lies officially releases on August 23rd later this Friday. It will be available on both Windows PC and Mac OS. If you're interested in both Her Story and Telling Lies, now's the time to get into these bizarre interactive fictions. Her Story is currently available on sale via the Steam marketplace: It normally runs for $9.99, but you can get it for a whopping $2.00 as long as you purchase it within the next day or so. This is likely thanks to the release closing in for Telling Lies. If you're more of a mobile kind of person, Her Story is also available on iOS/Android devices. There's no word yet if Barlow plans on releasing Telling Lies for mobile platforms down the line, but it's definitely not out of the question. Make sure to check out Telling Lies' new trailer below here. It should give you a good idea of what to expect if you didn't play Her Story. It's also an incredibly quick watch.


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