If you're a fan of indie games, there's no doubt that you've crossed paths with Hollow Knight in some way, shape, or form. The 2017 Metroidvania game came to us from developer Team Cherry over in Australia and provided a sprawling, gloomy world to explore and fight through. The game has seen incredible levels of well-deserved success for an indie title, and it was only natural that Team Cherry wanted to add some DLC onto it. This DLC, Silksong, has been known about for a little while now due to its status as a Kickstarter stretch goal. Now, that DLC is changing into a fully-fledged sequel to Hollow Knight. And most surprising of all is who the game will be starring.


Hollow Knight: Silksong was formally announced the other day by Team Cherry by way of a trailer and on their official website. Rather than playing as the protagonist of the original game, Silksong will put players in the role of Hornet. Those who've played Hollow Knight will recognize Hornet; she was a popular character who crossed paths with players on many occasions throughout the game's journey, serving as a minor antagonist and mysterious figure.  "Almost from the very start, Hornet's adventure was intended to take place in a new land, but as we dove in, it quickly became too large and too unique to stay a DLC, as initially planned", Team Cherry explains on the site description.  We know that makes the wait a little longer, but we think the final, fresh world you'll get to explore is worth it. I'm sure fans couldn't agree more there.

As a sequel, Silksong is going to be pretty massive, giving players a whole new world to traverse through and plenty of puzzles and challenges to discover. Hornet gets captured and brought to a "whole new kingdom haunted by silk and song", and must do all she can to defeat her foes and escape the land on her way to the kingdom's peak. Along the way, you'll combat with over 150 new enemy types. The game will also feature something called the Challenge Silk Soul mode. This is for after you beat the game, so that you can use your built up skills to play through it again... with a twist. The official description says that it "spins the game into a unique, challenging experience." More details beyond that aren't known, but new difficulty and skill challenges post-game are always a rewarding and welcome addition.


So what will we get to play the game on? It's too early to say when it will release; Team Cherry wasn't able to give any info on that front. When Hollow Knight: Silksong does launch, it will be available on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and launch-exclusive on Switch right at first. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are expected to follow later on. It makes sense that Switch would get the special treatment; Hollow Knight is one of the console's most popular indie titles, and its gameplay melds well with the Switch's handheld/tv hybrid nature. Oh yeah, and if you're wondering about that trailer I mentioned, you can view it just below here! The game is already quite a looker just like its predecessor.


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