If you've been on the Internet long enough, chances are good you've stumbled across the word 'Homestuck' before, or at least the name of its creator Andrew Hussie. As it turns out, the latter has dabbled in game development before, going so far as to release an entire video game based on the world of Homestuck. Now, Hussie is at it again... though with what, it's hard to say. He dropped a new trailer for a visual novel game he's working on, and the contents of the nearly five-minute-long trailer are both weird and fascinating all at once. This is Andrew Hussie we're talking about, so that's not too surprising.


The trailer shows a multitude of characters, including parodies of real-life figures such as game creator Hideo Kojima and musical artist Post Malone. They're all seen together, though the trailer clarifies that "This doesn't actually happen in the story.", so it must just be set dressing. The whole thing is done up in Hussie's signature art style, and considering all of his works to come before this, a visual novel feels right at home for him. There's no other info that can be gleaned from the trailer, aside from the fact that the project is "coming soon". Whether that means before the year is up or sometime in 2021 is hard to say, but it certainly has fans both jumpy and excited.

For those who don't know, Homestuck is an interactive webcomic drawn and written by Andrew Hussie himself. The series had a very long run, gaining a huge fan following in the span of several years before ending in 2016. The series has seen a recent resurgence due to a number of things. For one thing, there's the video game spinoff 'Hiveswap', an episodic adventure game that takes place in the series' universe. The second episode of that released just last month, with more on the way in due time. Then there's the announcement of a Homestuck sequel series called Homestuck^2. Needless to say, Hussie has a lot on his plate right now. Based on the 'coming soon' mentioned in the trailer, it's reasonable to guess that this visual novel is close to releasing. The official Homestuck Twitter account confirmed that the game has nothing to do with Homestuck, instead being an entirely original story by Hussie.

So, I'd say any Homestuck fans (or just fans of Andrew Hussie in general) should keep their eyes peeled for more on this game relatively soon. You can catch the bizarre trailer down below; it has a lot going on, so I'm sure by the time you're done analyzing it, the game may already be out. If that's not enough, though, there are always the Hiveswap games over on Steam. As for Homestuck itself, well, it's something of a juggernaut to read in its entirety. It's a good time though, and a very interesting piece of Internet history that led to the creation of many entertaining characters and a huge fandom (especially where conventions are concerned). Make sure to give it a read if you're intrigued. Hussie has other works as well through the website Mspaintadventures or the official Homestuck website.


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