Layers of Fear was one of 2016's standout indie horror games, giving us a mysterious mansion to explore filled with paintings from a deranged artist. The game went on to be so popular that it received a Nintendo Switch port last year. Entitled Layers of Fear: Legacy, this version of the horror hit came packed with the game's DLC content, Switch touchscreen controls, and Joy-Con support, making it one of the most complete versions of the game to date. It's only natural, then, that Polish developer Bloober Team would want to capitalize on that and make a sequel. They took a brief respite from Layers of Fear in 2017, putting out the slick sci-fi horror game known as 'Observer' for multiple platforms. Similarly to the first Layers of Fear, it too sold well. It was announced late last year that the sequel to Layers of Fear would be arriving sometime in 2019; now, we have official footage of it.


The new trailer debuted this past weekend at PAX South, going by the name 'Time Waits for No One'. As you'll see once you watch it, the game's graphical style is about as creepy and colorful as you'd expect. It takes us through various environments in the game's new setting: A ship at sail on the sea. On this very ship resides the guy we'll be playing as: A tortured actor trying to direct a film on board the boat (Titanic, anyone?). While the first Layers of Fear focused on the themes of artwork and an artist's paintings, the sequel is taking a different approach by putting us inside the twisted psyche of a man who has passionately taken on many roles as an actor, putting LoF 2 in the realm of film. The entire thing is narrated by none other than Tony Todd, of horror film 'Candyman' fame. If you've seen that movie, you can probably imagine how creepy Todd will sound in this game just from the trailer alone. What role he'll play as the narrator remains to be seen.

Details behind Layers of Fear 2 remain vague at best for now. There's no solid release window outside of sometime this year, and the question of VR support also remains hanging in the air. A panel for the game was held at PAX South, wherein a fan asked them about VR specifically. Oddly enough, rather than outright deny that it will have the feature, Bloober simply stated that they couldn't say anything on that front. That's led some to believe that it most definitely will, but that's just speculation for now. Despite the first Layers of Fear's poorly-made VR spinoff and Observer's tricky VR enabling, demand for VR horror games is still plenty high. A precedent was set by some notable examples, such as 2017's Resident Evil 7, which was playable entirely in VR alongside its post-launch DLC content. Since Layers of Fear's format goes for the 'first-person exploration' type of route, it wouldn't be too tricky to implement. But, of course, this is all dependent on Bloober's time constraints and scheduling.


In any event, Layers of Fear 2 is sailing its way towards us as I type up this very article. Hopefully as 2019 continues, we'll get a more narrowed down release date sooner rather than later. The first Layers of Fear is available on all major platforms: Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS, and Linux; if you haven't played the game yet, there's plenty of options to pick from. Considering the game's later induction into the Switch library, it's a safe bet to assume the sequel will make its way to Switch as well. Don't forget to watch the creepy trailer down below. At this point, Bloober has really refined their techniques with trippy horror games, seeing as how their past couple of titles have been nothing but. The trailer exemplifies that in full, and I'm sure Layers of Fear 2 will keep us up at night when it finally does release... if for no reason more than Tony Todd's voice.


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