It's hard to go a while without hearing about League of Legends. Being one of the most popular games in the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre, LoL quickly gained popularity for its unique character designs, steampunk aesthetic, and in-depth mechanics. Better yet, the game's free-to-play. It debuted in October 27th, 2009, meaning the franchise is fast approaching its 10 year birthday. Developer Riot Games was keen to jump on this important date, presenting us with a 10 year anniversary livestream just the other day. This livestream was packed to bursting with League of Legends news, with Riot announcing several different spinoffs and games for the series that we can expect in the coming years. There's a lot of different things here, so first, let's start closer to home by looking at what's going to be new with LoL itself.


First and foremost, League of Legends is getting a new playable champion who goes by the name 'Senna'. She was introduced in the game's backstory previously by way of Lucian's story, but now, we'll be able to utilize her pinpoint-accurate skills in combat. A public beta for her will be held on October 29th, while the official release is slated for November 10th. Which leads us to the next big thing for League: Console and mobile ports! Although, to be more accurate, a re-made League built specifically for console and mobile play, as Riot puts it. The game will be called League of Legends: Wild Rift, and will see the PC experience re-made onto said platforms; huge news, since up until this point League of Legends has been PC-exclusive. Some of the core gameplay will be re-worked to better suit the platforms, with things like twin-stick controls and shorter match times. No release info was available at this time.

That brings us to the spinoffs I mentioned above. As it turns out, LoL is planning on expanding into all sorts of other game genres. Why? Because they can! Riot Games has numerous spinoff titles in the works, all going by one letter codenames to represent them. The first, and most anticipated, is the previously announced Project L. L will be a League of Legends fighting game, and fittingly enough, it was announced by Riot formally at this year's past EVO tournament. According to them, the game is still early in development, so we haven't seen anything of it yet. Next up is Project A, a LoL-themed competitive, tactical first-person shooter for PC. The game will be character-based, featuring a variety of champions from LoL's huge roster. More info on this game will arrive next year. The only other huge departure is Project F, which Riot is calling "a project that explores the possibilities of traversing the world of Runeterra with your friends." A few very brief seconds of the project were shown in the stream, revealing a top-down dungeon crawler of some sort. It's not quite known what Project F is just yet, though many speculate it to be an RPG based off of the short footage.


Outside of those huge projects, a number of other spinoffs got announced tackling various other mediums (and gameplay types!). Things like a free-to-play card game entitled Legends of Runeterra, an animated series based off the LoL universe entitled 'Arcane', and even an Esports Manager simulator. Yeah. League is really branching out! Most of these projects are set to either release or get more info sometime next year, but with all of these different announcements, there will be plenty of speculating to do in the meantime. You can catch the livestream down below for all of the announcements in full: It's a good near-50 minute watch, and pure joy for League fans. With the game planning on arriving to consoles and mobile devices, League of Legends is set to get bigger than ever, already holding a mammoth place in the competitive esports scene. If you want to try it out for yourself, it's free-to-play and available on both Windows PC and MacOS.


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