A new month means new Games with Gold for Xbox gamers, though this upcoming month feels especially significant since it marks the end of the dreadful year that was 2020 and into a (hopefully) brighter new one... complete with new consoles, no less! As usual, Microsoft took to the Xbox Wire to announce the games. Two main games shine in the spotlight, but there are also two classic games included as part of backward compatibility (something Microsoft has really been doubling down on for the new generation). There's a good mixture of games here, so let's dive right in and see what we can expect.


First and foremost are the main games of the offer: Little Nightmares and Dead Rising. Both have a more spooky theme going on, though the latter's is a bit goofier about it. Little Nightmares is the dark and eerie platforming game that has you traversing a world that seems right at home in Tim Burton's nightmares. The game has a sequel now too, so if you have yet to get into these, now's a good chance to get your feet wet. Dead Rising, meanwhile, is the first of a very extensive series of survival horror games. Starring Capcom's classic protagonist Frank West, the game has you traversing a mall and contending with huge numbers of undead as you use whatever makeshift weapons and props you have around you to survive... and aid the survival of others.

Now, onto the classic titles. For this lineup, we have both The King of Fighters XIII and Breakdown. The first is a single-player/multiplayer fighting game that released back in 2010 for the arcades before coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game sees the finale of Ash Crimson's story following the events of KoF XI and features the addition of things like an EX Mode and EX special moves. Meanwhile, Breakdown is a blast from the past; a 2004 original Xbox title that was developed by Namco. It takes place in a laboratory and has you playing as protagonist Derrick Cole, a man who must search for the truth using his newfound powers in first-person hand-to-hand combat.


Obviously, you'll need Xbox Live Gold if you want to make use of these free titles. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will also get access. The release timing on all of them differs, though there is some overlap to be had. Little Nightmares will be available from January 1st to the 31st, while Dead Rising will be from January 16th to February 15th. Meanwhile, KoF XIII will be from the first of January to the 15th, while Breakdown will be from January 16th to the 31st. I wouldn't blame you if you need to write all of that down. With their combined sale prices, that's nearly $80 in value completely for free. Make sure not to pass it up, and don't forget the games can be enjoyed on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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