The word is abuzz about NieR yet again, and really, that's a very good thing. Thanks to the smashing success of 2017's NieR: Automata, the role-playing series has seen something of a surge in popularity and interest over the past three years. 2020 marks a particularly special time for NieR, as April 22nd is the 10th anniversary of the first game. There's some stuff going on with that too, but first, let's turn our attention to the recently announced NieR mobile spinoff game. Revealed near the end of March, the game is going by the title of NieR: Re[in]carnation. Despite being a spinoff, the game is being directed by series creator Yoko Taro, with full development being helmed by Applibot. Character design is being done by CyDesgination, while Yosuke Saito is serving as the producer.


The first reveal of the game didn't tell us much. All we knew was that it was mobile, and we got a pretty piece of concept artwork to boot. Publisher Square Enix took to its official Japanese YouTube channel to drop the first-ever gameplay trailer for it a few days ago. As with the first reveal, this one doesn't tell us a whole lot either. Despite this, the game's graphics and vistas look drop-dead gorgeous, as if the designers took NieR: Automata and plopped it into a mobile phone game. The trailer consists entirely of an unknown female character running through ruins while a ghostly companion floats by her side. A touch interface control can be seen on the left side of the screen during the whole thing, implying that's how you'll control her movement. As far as gameplay goes, the only thing Yoko Taro could reveal so far is that the game will incorporate gacha mechanics, which are microtransactions that result in prizes similar to a 'gacha' capsule prize machine. Due to this, and its status as a mobile game, Re[in]carnation will be free to play.

Other details are pretty sparse for the time being, including the release date. In the meantime, we can enjoy looking forward to even more NieR goodies with the recent announcement of the NieR Replicant remaster. You see, the original NieR was split into two different versions: NieR Gestalt for the West and NieR Replicant for the East. Gestalt change's Replicant's younger protagonist into an older man, changing the character's relationship from a brother/sister one into a father/daughter one. Outside of this, the differences are pretty minimal. With the remaster of Replicant now underway, this will be the first time Western territories get to play the game. The remaster is being developed by Toylogic, rather than Platinum Games. Once it's out, it will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC by way of Steam. Sadly, it doesn't have a solid release date yet either.


To sum this article up, it's an exciting time to be into NieR. The RPG series is well known for its bizarre gameplay twists and tragic story, resulting in games that throw your expectations around at every turn. This is thanks, in part, due to the eccentric nature of the game's director Yoko Taro. NieR: Automata was a gamble for Taro and Platinum Games, as the first NieR didn't sell all that well. Thankfully, the risk paid off and Automata inspired a boom in popularity for the underrated series. The game will also become available on Xbox Game Pass, in celebration of the 10th anniversary. Make sure to check out Re[in]carnation's new trailer down below and take in the pretty atmosphere for yourself. If the remaster and the mobile game perform well enough, hopefully, these games will see even more love down the line.


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