Moonlighter was released in May of 2018 and brought with it one of the most engrossing and rewarding action RPG experiences on the market. Console, PC, and Linux users alike all got to enjoy this highly-detailed pixel art adventure that managed to both page homage to the past while also doing its own thing. To celebrate Valentine's Day, the developers crafted an all-new update that offers up a level of content that is usually reserved for paid DLC and shows a lot of love and appreciation for not only the game itself, but also its fanbase.


This update brings nine new helper familiars along for the ride as you battle the new bosses, and gain new abilities. The familiars are accessed in an odd, but interesting way. To unlock each one, you have to kill a certain type of enemy ten times. After that, a special end will appear and after three days, it will hatch. After this point, you can have a new familiar join the fray and help you. Some are offense-based and will do damage to enemies, while others will act as healers and heal you grab items for you. Some can even help with item management and store items - now just where they store them is anyone's guess.

This overhead Zelda-like achieved critical acclaim by blending action and puzzles in a way that hasn't been done much outside of that legendary series - and better than any indie game yet in terms of doing that and also trying new things. The farming mechanic blended in a touch of things like Harvest Moon, while the rogue-lite elements encouraged players to play carefully. There's also a shopkeeping element to the game that allows you to constantly make money, while also having to be wary of shoplifters. The game's economy thrives when you help people out too, and you can give your friends chances to start businesses.


This update brings about some changes to the core game, with eight new mini-bosses added to the mix. They are featured between the first and second floors of dungeons, keeping players on their toes at all times. Instead of ever thinking you can take a true break, you need to make sure you are always on the ready. The world itself will be expanded with night-time dungeon visits being aided by stories from Zenon as he talks about the history of the world itself. Beyond core game additions, some quality of life improvements have also been made to the base game.

The banker's theft of your hard-earned money can now be avoided by heeding the warnings given to you both in the game and in the UI. Item sorting has also been made a lot easier with a variety of ways to arrange your goodies. Price updates are also going to be featured in the shops too, so you will know when prices are charged on items you want to buy. This free update for Moonlighter is available now for all platforms, and will still apply if the game goes on sale again - making it a permanent upgrade that all players of the game will be able to enjoy.

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