It's been so long since we've heard from Route 59, the developers behind upcoming indie adventure/visual novel game Necrobarista. The game was set to release near the end of last year before being hit with a sudden delay, one in which the developers weren't sure how long it would take to come out of. Since then, it had been radio silence. Thankfully, it looks as if our waiting has paid off. Route 59 took to Steam the other day to drop a launch trailer and progress update for Necrobarista. After plenty of paranoia, waiting, and questions, the game is finally set to release just next week on July 22nd. Grab some espresso, whip up a coffee, and get cozy.


"The journey to release has been a long one, and we've had a lot of setbacks and false starts," Route 59 wrote in their Steam post. "But we're finally here, and we couldn't be more grateful for the support you've given us since we first announced Necrobarista in 2017. The game has gone through a huge number of reworks and tweaks to make it the best it can be, and it's turned into something we're really, really proud of." The launch trailer provided with the post is pretty quick, but it shows a wide variety of the cutscenes, shenanigans, and situations you may find yourself in during the experience. Most notably, the trailer confirms that the game will feature first-person exploration segments mixed in alongside everything else. Created via the Unity engine, Necrobarista utilizes a slick, stylish art style with dramatic cutscenes and camera angles.

As for the game itself, the best way to think of it would be like a video game version of the anime Death Parade. Set in a Melbourne-based cafe, this coffee house is no ordinary joint, but instead a haven for people who have passed away and are on their way to the afterlife (hence the Necro part of the title). Before moving on into the spirit realm, these souls show up as customers to have one last drink. You play as Maddy, the shop's owner, though the game is filled with a huge variety of characters, many of whom are showcased throughout the trailers. The visual novel aspect of the game plays out in a more cinematic fashion than what you'd expect; conversations and cutscenes play out through floating dialogue and dramatic setpieces. Better yet is that it's all fully rendered in 3D, which contributes further to the first-person exploration. As the game's Steam page so aptly describes it: "This is a story about death and coffee."


As mentioned, Necrobarista releases on July 22nd (a Wednesday, oddly enough). You'll be able to nab it on Windows PC via Steam or GOG. It will also be available through Mac devices. Last but not least, there's the question of console ports. Route 59 is planning on porting the game to both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, but that won't happen till an unspecified time sometime in 2021. It's a long wait, but it'll definitely be worth it. The game's release will officially go live at 7am PT/10am ET that same day. Some outlets have already gotten their hands on early demos for the indie title, such as IGN and Kotaku, and all have had high praises to give it. You can check out the launch trailer following this article to see its stylish aesthetics in motion.


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