This Spring of 2018 a new style of racing game will be launching called Trailblazers. Trailblazers is a game where you paint the track for your team to gain speed boosts while driving through it. It is a lot like taking the old F-Zero or Wipeout games and merging them with Splatoon. This can make for some seriously fun gameplay. Trailblazers was developed by Supergonk and will be published by Rising Star Games.


Trailblazers is a 3v3 co-op, arcade-style racing game with a huge emphasis on teamwork. You can play this game local split screen, or online multiplayer with either player or CPU controlled racers. Some characters specialize in painting tracks and others on using boosts. A well-rounded team would have at least one player painting the track for his teammates and the other 2 staying in the boosts for as long as possible. The longer you stay in the boosts, the more you level up and increase your top speed. An ideal team would try to keep the whole track painted with no gaps in their lines for maximum boosts. What adds to the complexity of this strategy is that other teams can also paint over your painted lines to keep you from linking the whole raceway and trying to do so in your place.

While all characters can paint the tracks, only a few specialize in it which allows them to paint more or longer before the cooldown stops you. If you are not a character that specializes in this you can still help your teammates in filling the gaps or covering the other team's paint. Another unique thing you can do is also fire your stored up paint as a weapon. When you hit other racers it shocks them, interrupting them from using anything for a while. As a painter character, your job aside from just painting is to try to find the best angles to lay down paint around turns and shortcuts for your team and to make sure your lines of paint have no gaps from start to finish of the maps.


Supergonk has also included a single-player mode for players who want to try the game solo or don't have anyone to play with. You can either do the story mode or race in custom races of your choosing with computer controlled racers. The team has come up with a storyline for story mode, giving you a reason to mindlessly race around the track. Each playable character has their own unique backstory as well as a part to play in the game's story mode. The story mode is broken up into chapters which have you racing or doing unique tasks to earn tokens and other items.

Trailblazers will be releasing sometime in the Spring of 2018 for all major consoles. This includes PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and even Linux. Not many games have Linux support included right from launch or even down the road, but this game does. As we get more details we will keep you updated.

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