Yoko Taro is a mysterious guy. Always seen wearing a mask based on a character from his game series, NieR, the Japanese game designer is rather eccentric and known for his unique ideas. After both the release and smashing success of 2017's hit action RPG NieR: Automata, the man has been busy putting together more NieR content for the fans to enjoy. The most obvious bit of content here is the re-release of NieR Replicant later this year, as well as the mobile game NieR Re[in]carnation. That's not all he has on his plate, however. In an end-of-the-year livestream with Japanese publication Famitsu, Taro casually revealed that two new projects are in the works.


The stream was a way for Famitsu to catch up with various creators face-to-face, in pairing with their magazine interviews to see off 2020 for good. Both Yoko Taro and NieR producer Yosuke Saito were interviewed on the stream, and both had few things to say about these new titles. Next to nothing is known about the first one, but the second one is a little more... intriguing. According to Taro, he had to sit Saito down in an hour-long presentation about the game and the idea behind it. Apparently, Taro tried to present this game to him a year ago. Saito disliked it so much that he didn't even give Taro the time of day, as it were. Now, a year later, he's decided to get on board following the aforementioned presentation. "If I could quit, I would," Saito said. Considering this is Yoko Taro we're talking about, who knows what this project could be, or why he reacted the way he did.

The two did at least agree completely on the first project, and apparently, they plan to release it before the dreaded second one. It's difficult to say if either of these titles has anything to do with NieR. Considering how much the series already has going on, it wouldn't be surprising if Taro was branching out into some other directions. NieR was actually a spinoff series of the PlayStation 2 series Drakengard. The first game had a secret ending, and the aftermath of it is what leads to the NieR universe as a whole. The NieR Replicant remaster releasing later this Spring will feature new voicework, a chance to experience the story as young Nier for the first time in the West, and new/remixed music. Oh, and don't forget the re-enhanced visuals. That's always a plus.


Whatever these two new titles are, Taro and Saito definitely have fans on their toes, even with the latter's horrified reaction to whatever Taro has cooking. The team will also be releasing NieR Re[in]carnation onto mobile devices sometime this year. The game is primarily a gacha game designed around gacha mechanics and microtransactions, though the story looks to deepen the NieR universe even further. Both it and the Replicant remaster are meant to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the series, which makes it an equally good time to discover it if you haven't seen or tried it before.


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