With the rise of rogue-like games over the past decade, the sub-genre has become oversaturated to many. Most games have aimed at making them more accessible, but Blood Moon aims to do things a bit differently. The goal of the developers is to make things challenging and more rewarding. The game's premise is unique too in that it has you fighting in a dream world and destroying all of the cute and sometimes terrifying creatures you see in the dream realm. You can kill as many of them as you want and unlock items, skills, or even helper pets. They act a bit like a third non-playable character in a fighting game in that they can help you briefly and save your bacon, but aren't going to give you a game-breaking adventure.


Environments are varied and range from bedrooms to castles as you topple wave after wave of enemies. You have a diverse range of them to dispatch of, including musical instruments, ninjas, wizards, and sea monsters. Your weapon loadouts are as varied as your enemy types too. You have typical things like boomerangs and spells, but later get a hook shot to help you with longer-range attacks. Each stage feels fresh thanks to its use of unique enemies - so the common problem of games feeling a bit too samey from beginning to end due to repetitive enemy types is a thing of the past. They all vary in terms of speed and attack range and you can't just attack them all the same way. No matter what foe you face, you have to make sure to learn their patterns first or death will soon follow.

This is especially true of boss battles, where the stakes are a lot higher. Bosses do a ton of damage and if you don't pay attention, you'll wind up dead in seconds. Careful planning will allow you to survive while combining that with skillful attacks will allow you to earn a victory. Pets are able to assist you with not only quick attacks, but also give you a boost in stats temporarily. If you're in need of a bump up in your offensive damage, use a pet and get that and hopefully, you can overcome that one battle that bested you.


Night of the Blood Moon has a unique art style, heavily leaning on bright colors against a darker backdrop. It's a striking art style, but it works. The developer, Tyler McDermott, is taking note of player feedback too and have already made quick fixes to the controller support and plan to make more changes to the skill tree. The launch tree was found to be a bit too cumbersome, so steps will be taken to make it more user-friendly over time. Seeing such early work post-launch is a good sign and shows that he's dedicated to the project. The game has full controller support and is made to run on just about anything made in the last five years - so it's going to have as big a reach as possible given the genre. There's no launch discount, but the game is only $7.99 - so it's perfectly-priced right out of the gate as a blind buy.

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