Microsoft has been on a roll when it comes to the Xbox Game Pass announcements. The amount of games brought to the subscription service is simply staggering. Now, it looks as if No Man's Sky is the next entry in the Game Pass library. Taking to the Xbox Wire blog, Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray revealed the news to fans. "It seems like a natural and timely step to announce today that next month, No Man's Sky will come to Xbox Game Pass, opening up our universe of possibilities to over 10 million Xbox Game Pass members who are just about to start their journey with us," the post reads. In addition to this, Murray revealed that the game will also make its way to Windows 10 users for the very first time via the official Microsoft Store. Considering the large portion of the fanbase that's been playing on Steam since day one, this move makes plenty of sense.


No Man's Sky originally launched in late-summer 2016 on both PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, eventually receiving an Xbox One release in 2018. The game became infamous for its extremely rocky launch. Players going into it expecting what was shown at the prior E3 videos quickly grew disappointed by a lack of variety, alongside promised content that was just missing. Despite all of the negative backlash, Hello Games hunkered down and began updating the game left and right with huge content sweeps, resulting in a game that's night-and-day different now than it was four years ago. These huge changes have resulted in what many consider to be one of the industry's best comebacks, and a move that's won back many fans. What started as a simple space-exploration sim with some light quests and material-gathering gameplay morphed into a game that allows colonization, building, extensive sidequests, large varieties of planet biomes, multiplayer, and more. The latest update that dropped this past April went even further by allowing players to operate giant mechs. It's pretty mind-boggling how much has changed.

In No Man's Sky, you take control of your very own pilot in a procedurally generated universe made-up of "18 quintillion" planets. To say the universe in No Man's Sky is large would be a massive understatement. Players can explore near-endless amounts of star systems and discover new planets, all of which can be named and personalized through the use of terraforming and colonization. Your ultimate goal in the game is up to you, as Hello Games presents you with a few different paths you can explore. One leads you on a journey to the center of the game's galaxy, while another has you going after ancient secrets from an old alien race. Or, if you prefer, you can simply turn off the quests and just explore to your liking. The game can even be played in virtual reality via the PlayStation VR headset, which really ramps up the immersion factor by a large degree.


While no concrete date was given, we can expect these new versions of No Man's Sky sometime in June. Xbox Game Pass recently received some notable additions this past week, including Alan Wake and Minecraft Dungeons. The subscription service allows you to play a large list of games, all free to download outside of the monthly subscription fee. While the Xbox-only version of the service is $9.99, an Ultimate package exists for $14.99 that gives access to both Xbox and PC games. The PC-only subscription is currently on sale for $4.99 a month, rather than the base $10 rate. Currently, there's no word on if there will be some form of crossplay between Windows 10 PC players and Steam players for No Man's Sky. Expect some info on that once we get closer to that June release date.


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