Xbox One's version of PlayerUnknown Battleground just received its 9th patch update. Its most recent update includes a plethora of gameplay, UI, and bug fixes among other things.


The most noteworthy change includes the development team improving both the server and client side game performance by adding multiple pre-match starting areas. Originally players were all thrown into one pre-game room where they could find different weapons to play with for a few second before the match, which caused really bad lag for some people. Also, buildings, landscapes, and textures have been changed to improve game performance.

Another major change includes that of vehicle physics. The damage that vehicles receive from objects in the environment such as uneven ground, trees, and rocks has been lowered. This change kind of brings some balance back to vehicles since they were nerfed and made extremely weak a few patches back.

The design of the energy drink can that you drink for health has been changed to look more generic, different from the Redbull like image before.

Some other changes include matchmaking with party members is now impacted by everyone's matchmaking rating (MMR). You can now enable automatic recordings of gameplay highlights in the options menu. When changing your characters look or when creating a new character you can now see a preview and the D-pad can be used to switch between menus as well as being able to rotate your character with the right joystick.

A lot of bug fixes have been implemented and here are a few that seem to be the most noteworthy. A bug that was causing some player's game to crash when they opened up their inventory has been fixed. One bug was fixed that canceled revive when a player tried to revive someone. Some areas of the game were causing players to get stuck in the ground and this has been fixed. A bug which didn't show team members after accepting invites has been fixed. Water sound effects and being able to heal underwater has been fixed.


There are a lot more bug fixes and changes which can be found the on the PUBG forum. Hopefully, these changes that the development team slaved away on will make the game more enjoyable for everyone to play. PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds has made remarkable progress toward a full release and there are still more updates to come to make a well-polished game.

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