Pokémon Sword and Shield have been out for several months now, presenting a whole new region for players to enjoy and explore. This also means that most everyone has had ample time to play and fill out their Pokédex by this point. So what more is there? As Game Freak revealed early this year: Quite a lot. You see, the company has been working hard on two big expansion packs for the games: The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. There's already an expansion pass that grants you access to both of these DLCs once they release. With June finally here, it means it's time for The Isle of Armor to make its big debut. But what does it mean for us and our cute little squad of Pokémon? Let's find out.


A couple of days ago, Game Freak put out a new trailer on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. The trailer takes a brief 3 minute journey through the sights and experiences of the new DLCs, overviewing what all we can expect. The Isle of Armor, which is only a couple of weeks away from release, will take place in an entirely new location found within Galar. The name of this location? You guessed it: The Isle of Armor. There's new story to be found here, as well as a gym, but the big additions come in the form of new Galarian Pokémon. That's right: If your 'Dex was full before, it won't be after this comes out. There are some familiar faces within these Galarian forms of past Pokémon, including Poliwag, Exeggutor, and a lot more. Fans are sure to quickly find their old favorites. Existing Pokémon are also getting new Galarian forms, such as the Legendary Bird trio, as well as Slowbro. There are some new Gigantamax forms for a couple of Pokémon, as well as new legendaries Kubu and Urshifu. Which one you get depends on what you've done in the story, and both can utilize moves that result in critical hits no matter the target's buffs.

Aside from the new locale, Pokémon, and story, there are brand new gameplay mechanics to be found within Isle of Armor. Naturally, you'll be able to expect some new Tutor Moves to teach your team. All you'll need to acquire these moves is Armorite Ore, which you can find around the Isle through Max Raid Battles and various other means. While you're busy doing that, you may come across some rare ingredients that can be used to cook up the new Max Soup dish. As you can probably tell by the name, this soup can unlock Gigantamaxing potential within certain Pokémon (as long as they're fed with it). Last but not least is the Cram-o-matic. This nifty little device can take up to four items from your inventory and combine them into a completely new item. Using this, you can acquire things like PP Ups, Poké Balls, and even rarer goods. You'll be able to find the Cram-o-matic within the dojo on the Isle, readily available whenever you need it.


If you needed a reason to return to Pokémon Sword and Shield, this certainly takes the cake. And for those who haven't played it yet, it sets up an even more enticing experience. No doubt The Crown Tundra will have a welcome feast of additions and changes too. The Isle of Armor releases on June 17th, so mark your calendars and get your Switches ready. Both Pokémon Sword and Shield are available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. These games mark the first time the Pokémon mainline series has been on a console for quite a while, sticking mainly to handhelds for the past decade or so. Despite a bit of controversy concerning the National Dex before their release, Sword and Shield have gone on to prove themselves a hit with many Pokémon fans and critics alike. Make sure to check out Game Freak's trailer below here for everything that was discussed in this article and more! And don't forget to catch 'em all.


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