It's not the easiest thing in the world being an Alan Wake fan. The horror cult-hit third-person shooter released to acclaim a whopping nine years ago as an Xbox 360 exclusive. It got quite a number of DLC episodes added onto it since, expanding on the mysterious story and ending in fresh, new ways. The closest thing we got to a sequel, meanwhile, was Alan Wake's American Nightmare from the Xbox Live Arcade days. There was a more official sequel in development, but it's since been canned by developer Remedy Entertainment. Ever since, the future of Alan Wake has been relatively unstable, with the studio shifting focus to other projects over the years.


That all changes with the news that dropped just this morning, however. Ever since its release, Microsoft has held publishing rights for the series due to its Xbox exclusivity (the exception being Remedy's publishing on PC). As reported on Global Newswire, the publishing rights of all Alan Wake games have now been reverted back to Remedy. In addition to this, the studio received a payment of 2.5 million euros for royalties on prior games they released. It's easy to see this and make a leap of hope that Alan Wake will continue someday, receiving the proper full sequel it deserved. However, it's too soon to say anything for sure.

What this does mean, though, is that if Remedy decides to continue with the series, getting it out there will be a much easier process. After the Microsoft-exclusive release of Quantum Break a few years back, and the messy story behind its development, Remedy has since gone on to develop games for all platforms; not just Xbox. Having full reigns to the rights of Alan Wake means the gates are opened for them to do with it as they please. Most notably, they're currently focused on their upcoming third-person action-adventure game Control, which was shown off for the first time at Sony's E3 conference in 2018. Control looks right up the alley of Alan Wake and everything else Remedy has done, featuring tight shooting, mind-bending powers, and supernatural enemies. The game has also received highly positive reception from those who got their hands on the test demos.


If we do ever see an Alan Wake 2, we now know who will be in charge of putting it out for the masses. Due to Remedy's changed stances, this likely means we'd also see the sequel put out on the PlayStation side. This has led many to speculate the other possibility behind this news: PlayStation ports of the Alan Wake series. After all, those who never got to play it due to its exclusivity have some catching up to do... and notes to take. For now, it's all a waiting game. Alan Wake is available to play on Xbox 360 and Windows PC, and the same goes for its follow-up title American Nightmare. Control, meanwhile, is right around the corner, set to release on August 27th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. You can catch the trailer for that just below here.


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