Control has only been out for just under a full month now, yet it's been selling quite well, reviewing positively with critics and fans alike. It's the newest outing from developer Remedy Entertainment, the fantastic folks behind other thrilling third-person shooters like Alan Wake and Max Payne, among others. While Control is Remedy's most open-ended game to date, it's still a shorter and more tightly focused experience than, say, big open-world games. Naturally, that's left many players simply wanting more Control, any and all that they can get. Luckily enough, Remedy has us covered. In a recent post on their official community blog for Control, the developer outlined a heaping handful of DLC planned for the game throughout the coming months. There's a lot to take interest in here, and the best part is that the DLC train will keep rolling well into 2020.


But first, let's focus on what's left of this year (it sure is flying, isn't it?). The first bit of post-game content will focus on a newly added Photo Mode. A lot of more prolific games have been adding these in as of late, and Control is a perfect fit for it considering its trippy environments and contrasting colors. Remedy says they'll have more info on that "soon". The roadmap that came with the post expects it for a Fall 2019 release. This leads us to the next DLC, one which is more substantial: A new game mode entitled Expeditions. This one's planned for sometime this December, and teams protagonist Jesse Faden with Security Chief Arish against challenges formulating around something called "The Formation". In layman's terms, it sounds a lot like a challenge mode, possibly involving waves or something similar. Something to whet our appetites, and polish up our gunplay skills, for what's to come in the new year.

Remedy has two expansions planned for Control in 2020, both of which will expand on the game's story. Unlike the photo mode and Expeditions, these two expansions will be paid content, featuring a significant helping of new additions. These additions include new enemies, locations, story missions, and even entire gameplay mechanics. The first expansion, named The Foundation, will dive into the history behind the game's mysterious setting of the Oldest House. "Expect things to get weird," says Remedy. Expansion number two is a bit more cryptic, simply entitled AWE (the game's abbreviation for a paranatural event called an Altered World Event). This expansion sees Jesse wandering into a new sector of the Oldest House, one where the Bureau is investigating AWEs. What's got people extra intrigued by this expansion is the picture for it: The font and art style closely resembles the cover art for Alan Wake, Remedy's creepy 2010 shooter. Considering the themes behind Control, it wouldn't be out of the question if we saw more Alan Wake in some capacity. The character himself features as a hidden easter egg in the game proper, after all.


While it could just be wishful thinking on the fans' part, Alan Wake has been in a stasis following its own release of post-launch DLC stories. With Remedy recently regaining the publishing rights to the series from Microsoft, fan hopes of a true sequel have been renewed once more. No matter what happens, Control fans now have plenty to look forward to for the foreseeable future. The Foundation is planned for release in early 2020, while AWE is aiming for mid-2020. Control itself is out now, and can be enjoyed on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. While the game had a slew of performance issues on consoles shortly after launching, Remedy has released some updates in an effort to make the experience smoother. Just brace yourself, because things are DEFINITELY going to keep getting weirder; Control doesn't really stop in that regard.


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