Remedy Entertainment has been delivering one thing after another lately. It started with the release of Control last year, one of 2019's best-looking games, and a solid, mind-bending third-person shooter at that. Since Control's release, Remedy has been putting together various pieces of DLC for the game. Two of these have already released, but one (entitled 'AWE') is still set to arrive. During Sony's recent State of Play conference, AWE was advertised with a brief trailer containing gameplay and some cutscenes. AWE is quite notable as it brings another Remedy game into the spotlight once again: Alan Wake. This is no mere one-DLC crossover, however. From the sound of things, the studio has big plans in store for one big crossover event in the form of their next video game.


First, though, how did we get here? Control seemed suspiciously similar to Alan Wake from the very start (i.e. being a third-person shooter with a trippy story surrounding supernatural events). As you play through the game, there are some references here and there pointing towards the events that took place in Alan Wake and its related DLCs. Fast forward to Remedy unveiling their post-release plans. At the time, they revealed the logos for Control's upcoming DLCs. AWE's looked oddly similar to the cover art for Alan Wake, leading to plentiful fan speculation. Sure enough, the description for the DLC later revealed that it would focus entirely on the in-game Bureau's interest and involvement in Alan Wake and the events from that game. It really reached a boiling point in the State of Play trailer, which ended in a surprise shot of Alan's face.

In a recent post on Remedy's official website, the developer announced that they've partnered up with Epic Games to handle publishing for their next two titles. One of these titles is described as a "AAA multi-platform game already in pre-production", while the other is a smaller scale affair set "in the same franchise". While it's not known which is which, Remedy did reveal that one of these games will take place in the same shared universe as Control and Alan Wake. The company is calling it the first "official Remedy Connected Universe crossover event", and went on to say that more crossover events like these will be developed. It's up in the air whether this new game would be considered an Alan Wake game, Control game, or something completely new, but it definitely sounds like it will satisfy fans of both. Considering Remedy's strong library of games and characters to work with, it's hard to say just how all-encompassing this Connected Universe could become.


Control is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Remedy recently unveiled Control Ultimate Edition, a new version of the game that comes with all DLC content and a free upgrade to next-gen platforms. The original game, sadly, does not apply to this upgrade. The AWE DLC for Control releases on August 27th, and is sure to blow quite a few minds as it brings us full speed ahead back into the Alan Wake universe. It's been too long. It feels like just yesterday I was writing about the potential for a true sequel to Alan Wake. As all of this news drops, it seems more and more likely that sequel may end up being the crossover event Remedy describes (not counting AWE, which is its own thing entirely). You can check out the brief trailer for AWE below. Not long to go now till we can play it for ourselves.


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