The Resident Evil series has been under a storm of rumors these past few weeks. Doubly so, as the rumors surround not one, but two different topics of interest. One of those is the idea of a RE4 remake, a rumor that Capcom has yet to comment on. The other? Resident Evil 8. While remaining purely speculation fuel for a while there, Capcom has officially revealed the next entry in the Resident Evil series: Resident Evil Village (cleverly titled as the Vill part of Village is stylized into the roman numeral for 8). And where else to reveal it but Sony's very own PlayStation 5 event? The event was packed from start to finish with exciting reveals and trailers from all of the big studios, plus some smaller ones too. Capcom put together a rather sneaky trailer that hides its identity rather well until the very end of it. Resident Evil can't be stopped!


Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to 2017's Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. RE7 was a huge upheaval for the series as a whole, going in a brand new direction with a first-person perspective, new cast of characters, and an entirely new location. Despite everything being so 'new', the game did ultimately tie itself into the universe of Resident Evil as a whole. Village sees us back in the role of 7's protagonist: Ethan Winters. That last name becomes a little coincidental in this entry, as Village takes place in a grim-looking countryside during the dead of winter. The new locale looks VERY Resident Evil 4 (just snowy), which is sure to please a lot of fans of that entry. Here's how Capcom describes the game on the PlayStation Blog: "Ethan's world suddenly comes crashing down once again when Chris Redfield, an unexpected yet familiar face makes an appearance, setting off a chain of events that sees a distraught Ethan seeking answers to Chris's shocking actions... and ultimately finding him in a mysterious village."

The mention of Chris and his actions becomes all too clear when watching the reveal trailer. Chris appears at the end, with a startled Ethan surprised to see him at this strange village. Despite being a supposed ally whose goal is to eliminate bioweapons throughout the world, Chris fires repeatedly upon an unarmed civilian without saying a word to Ethan. This new, darker attitude hints that something has changed with Redfield since we last saw him. Apparently, Village takes place seven years after the events of Resident Evil 7. Gameplay will be first-person again, just like before, though Capcom noted Village will have a "greater focus on combat and exploration compared to RE7." What that means is unclear until we play it. The trailer gives us a brief glimpse of the monstrosities we'll be encountering this time around, including a series first: Werewolves?! Yeah, this game is going to be a nightmare of a time.


Resident Evil Village is currently being developed for PlayStation 5. Never fear, because the Xbox Series X and Windows PC crowds are getting it too (the latter via Steam). The reveal of 8 comes so soon after the release of the Resident Evil 3 remake, proving once again that Capcom has really doubled down on their focus for the series. You can catch the trailer down below, which is almost 3 minutes in length. It's spooky, and looks exactly like what a direct sequel to 7 should. The only release window we have for the game so far is 2021, but Capcom tends to develop these games fast, so expect it sooner in the new year rather than later. For all the other crazy announcements from the PS5 event, make sure to check out our other article discussing it in detail. 2021 is ramping up quick with a whole new list of games to look out for, and Village is sure to be an early gem for the next generation.


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