Some have called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the definitive video game crossover. It's hard to argue with that at this point. While the game already had countless characters to choose from at launch, director Masahiro Sakurai and the team have been steadily adding new fighters as DLC, effectively opening the floodgates and making the possibilities endless. With the first volume of characters out of the way, Nintendo is setting their sights on Volume 2: an entirely new set of SIX new characters, each complete with their own unique stage and music just as before. Sakurai himself kicked things off just the other day with a half-hour livestream from his home, revealing the first fighter in the new lineup: Min Min from Arms! Sorry, Spring Man, at least you got assist trophy status!


Those who've played Arms will recognize Min Min instantly as the ramen-noodle-loving fighter. She's one of the more colorful personalities from that game, and she feels right at home in the Smash Bros. ring. According to Sakurai, her inclusion as a fighter was actually a personal request from Arms producer Kosuke Yabuki. As a fighter, Min Min excels in long-range attacks, making her weaker when attacking up close and personal. The gimmick that makes her unique from other Ultimate fighters is how her attacks respond to the A and B buttons. Normally, these correspond to normal and smash attacks respectively. In Min Min's case, the buttons correspond to each of her arms. This makes her playstyle a bit different than what players are used to, but provides a whole new layer of strategy when choosing her in a fight. In addition, Min Min will come with the new stage Spring Stadium. It's a bouncy stage that has multiple bounce platforms surrounding it, giving the feeling of being knocked around a ring. Min Min will also come with 18 music tracks from Arms.

Her inclusion in the roster is a refreshing shakeup after the controversial end to Volume 1. To recap, Volume 1 launched with some pretty unique fighters; Joker from Persona 5, Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard, and even Banjo and Kazooie! Dragon Quest's Hero got a little more flack for being another sword-using character, but the controversy really grew with Volume 1's final fighter pick: Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. While not a bad addition by any means, it crammed Smash Ultimate with yet another Fire Emblem sword user, something the game already has a large amount of. Even Sakurai himself admitted that the game was getting a bit too full with Fire Emblem characters. Since Volume 2 is starting off with someone like Min Min, this bodes well for the other five fighters yet to be revealed. There are plenty of theories online as to who they might be (and plenty of popular opinions one way or the other), but Sakurai has promised all six will be revealed and released by the end of 2021.


As for Min Min, we don't have to wait long to play as her. She'll be added to the game on June 29th here in several days, running at a cool cost of $5.99. This nets you Min Min herself, as well as the stage and music tracks. As with Volume 1 of the DLC Fighters, Volume 2 also features a 'Fighters Pass'. Similar to the concept of a season pass, paying this full price gets you instant access to every DLC fighter as soon as they become available. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, and the competition just keeps heating up more and more as additional fighters get added to the game. You can catch Sakurai's introduction to Min Min down below. It's a fun watch in this Nintendo Direct dry spell that we've been having as a result of the coronavirus canceling pretty much everything under the sun.


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