In the absence of traditional Nintendo Directs for the year of 2020, the company has taken a different approach by providing themed Directs and Direct Minis. One such themed Direct is the Indie World Showcase, which always promises a good slew of upcoming indie titles for the Switch to be shown off. This most recent one was no exception, giving a lot of exciting games to look forward to. One segment focused on a particular indie darling that's sorely needed a Switch port for some time now, and fans agreed. That's right: The first and second Spelunky games are both coming to Nintendo Switch!


Created by Derek Yu and developed by Mossmouth, the Spelunky games are a hit series of 2D platformers that involve exploring intricate networks of tunnels complete with enemies, treasures, and roguelike elements. The series had humble beginnings as a freeware title before being remade entirely for the Xbox 360. It's since made its way to a huge amount of platforms, with the sequel only just releasing recently earlier this year onto PS4 and PC. While it looked for a while there like the sequel was only going to remain on those platforms, it's good to see it make its way to Nintendo's popular console. Both ports will be complete with the same multiplayer modes the previous ones had, allowing for cooperative gameplay or competitive spelunking. Naturally, they can all be played in single-player as well. Just be careful; if you die, you start all over! For the most part, anyway.

There were a lot of other notable surprises during the Indie World Showcase. Just to name some examples, we have the indie multiplayer game Among Us making its way to Switch. While that game released a couple of years back, it's made a resurgence in the online community due to everyone being locked indoors during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. There were a few cat-focused games announced, such as Calico (a game about a cat cafe), and Fisti-fluffs (cat chaos simulator). Cyber Shadow is a stylish looking game that puts players in the role of a ninja against an army of robots in a classic 2D style. Development is being assisted by Shovel Knight creator Yacht Club Games. And you can't forget about Super Meat Boy Forever, the sequel to the original SMB. This game will be launching around the end of the year as a launch exclusive for the Switch.


There's a lot more to unpack from the Indie World Showcase, so don't just take my word for it. You can check out the event in full below! Spelunky 1 and 2 are both set for release on Switch sometime in Summer 2021. Based on the wording around the announcement, it seems like the games will be separate releases rather than a bundle, but this hasn't been confirmed yet. Either way, make sure to give them a look when you get the chance. If you can't wait that long, the first game can be played on a variety of PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. Spelunky 2 is only available for PS4 and PC for the time being, though it too might expand out into other platforms in due time aside from Switch. After all, it's still pretty fresh off its release!


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