Golf Story fans are going to have to wait a bit longer for the followup to the 2017 sporting RPG. Sports Story, which was announced through a Nintendo Indie World showcase, has now been hit by an indefinite delay due to the project becoming bigger than the team at Sidebar Games originally anticipated. The news was revealed through an update video posted on their official Twitter account, which shed some light on things and assured the game's development is still very much ongoing. The sequel was first revealed about 8 months ago, but with the news of a delay, it's likely we can now expect it sometime in 2021 or 2022 instead.


"We want to take some more time to work on Sports Story and ensure that everything makes it into the game," Sidebar stated in a followup post (also on Twitter). "The game has become rather ambitious and we are excited about how it could turn out. But the price is currently being paid as we try to make our plans into reality." When looking at the features coming to Sports Story in comparison to Golf Story, this all makes sense. The RPG side of things this time around has been significantly expanded upon, featuring mechanics like treasure hunting, dungeon crawling, and other various minigames. Getting that all running and working together in harmony takes more time than one would think. Naturally, Sports Story also prominently utilizes other sports aside from golf, such as volleyball, football, etc.

Golf Story originally released in 2017 and brought with it a lot of weird, quirky humor blended in with RPG mechanics and golf gameplay. There's nothing else really like it, and with all of these factors in mind, it didn't take long for the game to grow a sizable fan following. The adorable sprite artwork certainly helped things too. With Sports Story, it seems like Sidebar is going with the exact same mindset they had for the original game: that it's a game "about sports, but not always." Interestingly, Sidebar dropped this announcement the day before Nintendo's 8/18 Indie World broadcast, likely to cool down fan hype for a Sports Story appearance. Whenever we see the game next, it will likely be on one of those... just not this one.


Sidebar gave no indication when we could expect Golf Story's followup to release, but they did assure that they'll be revealing more in future updates. They've been hard at work on Sports Story for two years now! If you're interested in trying out the series for yourself, Golf Story is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Sports Story will also be a Switch exclusive, whenever it comes out. For all the relevant info on Sports Story, make sure to keep up to date on Sidebar's Twitter where a lot of the news will first drop. You can check out their brief update video down below, which has been put together in the style of the in-game cutscenes. Don't miss Nintendo's Indie World showcase either; we may not get to see more Sports Story, but there are sure to be a lot of shining gems on display.


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