With E3 being cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, publishers and developers alike had to scramble together new plans to hold announcements. Some are doing their very own conferences, while others are lumping in announcements with more collective gaming events, such as IGN's Summer of Gaming. One publisher, Square Enix, intended to hold their own self-contained press conference sometime this summer. Their plans have since changed, however. In a recent interview with No Investment, No Life (translated by Gematsu), the company revealed that they have scrapped their planned conference and instead intend to reveal individual games bit by bit through the course of summer.


"We had planned to have a press conference as a replacement event [for E3], but were unable to do so since assets were not complete," Square Enix stated. "We'll be announcing new titles individually as the timing permits. Several will debut around July to August." This implies that Square Enix intends to reveal even more new titles outside of the several they already have planned. What these could be remains to be seen, but it hasn't taken long for the rumor pot to boil since this news dropped. Some of the more daring rumors suggest the company will unveil Final Fantasy XVI, or a brand new mainline Kingdom Hearts game. More realistically speaking, we might be able to expect more news on Project Athia, a game they teased during Sony's recent PlayStation 5 showcase. There's also the continuation to Final Fantasy VII Remake, though that's likely farther off still. Even so, the first part of the Remake is expected to come out on PC in the near future, so maybe there will be news on that front.

Other projects come from partner studios, such as the new Marvel's Avengers game being developed by Crystal Dynamics. While it is possible we'll see more on this game, it did get its own spotlight presentation from the developers themselves fairly recently, so this one might be out. There's also Life is Strange studio Dontnod Entertainment, who've been fairly busy since the release of Life is Strange 2. Currently, they're in the middle of two projects that have yet to receive conclusive release dates: Twin Mirror and Tell Me Why. Twin Mirror is a psychedelic mystery game set to release to both PS4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, Tell Me Why is a little more vague info-wise. What we do know is that it will be an Xbox One exclusive, published by their very own Xbox Game Studios. TMW is notable in featuring the first-ever playable transgender character from a major studio.


Square Enix wasn't any more specific about when in July and August we can expect these reveals. Basically, keep a very close eye on the news around this time. It's hard to say what they have up their sleeves, but there are plenty of clues to go around. Many of the post-covid-E3 events have already taken place, but there are plenty more on the way. CD Projekt Red recently held their first episode of Night City Wire, a planned series of events that showcases gameplay and systems from the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. Some other upcoming events you'll want to watch out for include Limited Run Games' conference on July 8th, as well as Ubisoft's showcase on July 12th. Both of these will air live at 3pm EST. Microsoft is planning an Xbox Series X showcase sometime in July, but a solid date hasn't been set as of yet.


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