We've talked at length on here about Suda51 and his legacy. The Japanese developer is the guy behind a lot of the games from studio Grasshopper Manufacture, responsible for cult hits like No More Heroes, Killer7, and Let It Die just to name a few. The first two No More Heroes games released exclusively on the Nintendo Wii, providing edgier, more mature games for the platform. Since then, though, the series has been relatively quiet. Thankfully that all changed with the release of Travis Strikes Again on the Switch, a spinoff title that teased at the future for the series. Without going into spoiler territory, TSA heavily teases No More Heroes 3, a game which has since gotten a brief trailer put out for it. But what about the gameplay? What will NMH3 be like? As of a few days ago, we got our answer... kind of.


The New Game Plus Expo took place the other day as another pseudo-E3-replacement conference. The expo took a look at some upcoming Japanese-developed titles, and No More Heroes 3 was no exception; the game received its first-ever gameplay reveal! However... Suda's head blocks the whole thing. In an amusing prank, Suda51 appears at the start of the trailer, rambling about how life's going in post-COVID quarantine and how he has a bunch of Switch games he wants to play. The whole time he's ranting, gameplay can be seen in the background, with Suda's head obscuring the player character completely. Despite this, it's easy to tell from the effects and UI that the game being shown is No More Heroes 3. To add to the hilarity, Suda doesn't mention the game even once, and nothing more is said about it after his rant is over. That's certainly one way to tease fans.

Taking a look at Suda's history, it comes as no surprise that he would pull a stunt like this, and it only made the NMH fanbase more excited for what's to come. No More Heroes 3 is heavily in development, though it's not known when we could expect it. Its existence comes off the success of Travis Strikes Again, a game which thankfully performed and sold well with fans despite its status as a spinoff project. Suda has made his intentions clear about working closely with the Nintendo Switch since then, a natural progression from the series' Wii origins. No More Heroes 3 sees the return of series protagonist and otaku assassin Travis Touchdown, following his exile from civilization in TSA. Set 10 years after NMH2, Travis returns to Santa Destroy to take on a group of aliens who have begun invading planet Earth. Keeping in line with the other games, NMH3 looks fully off-the-rails. The series is best known for its 4th-wall-breaking humor, gaming references, and wild plot twists, so we can be sure NMH3 will be quite the trip.


You can check out the full New Game Plus Expo in the video linked below. It's a good 46 minute watch, especially if you're more into Japanese titles. No More Heroes 3 is currently slated for a 2020 release, so hopefully it meets that by the end of the year. If not, at least it will mean more time for polish. Once the game does release, it will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. This was the case for Travis Strikes Again for a while there, but the game eventually got ported to PlayStation 4 and Windows PC several months later, meaning chances are good the same might happen for NMH3. Suda has also expressed interest in getting some of his other games ported to Switch in the future as well, which would be heartening to see.


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