Kart Racing is just one of those wholesome genres that almost anyone can get behind. Whether you're young or old, family or no, by yourself or with a friend, it really fits the need for just about any occasion. Even better is that the industry seems to have caught onto that early on, providing us with multiple games that have themed characters behind the racing, the most famous example being the Mario Kart series. An upcoming indie gem, Super Indie Karts, looks to be doing the same thing but with famous indie game characters. Runbow, Duck Game, and Freedom Planet characters are just some of the stars to show up here, all rendered in a 16-bit graphical style. The next big update for the game, the Ultra Update, will push the game forward into N64-styled graphics, bringing out the Mario Kart 64 nostalgia in pretty much everyone.


Super Indie Karts has similar gameplay to what you would expect from similar kart racers in the same vein. All of the tracks are very reminiscent of Super Mario Kart, featuring more simplistic designs with tight corners, yet also featuring a very poppy, colorful art style and vibe. Powerup boxes are littered across the courses, which have their own unique properties for this game in order to give it its own twist on that formula. Not only do the indie characters get a spotlight in Indie Karts, they get their own unique stages themed after them as well. With the introduction of the Ultra Update, a new set of N64-styled tracks will be available to race on, alongside the already existing 16-bit ones. Despite the graphical upgrade, the kart racers themselves retain their pixelated designs, which only further adds to the Mario Kart 64 look of it all.


The game is quite packed with additional types of content to suit one's preferences. Alongside having four SNES-graphics cups and four neon VR cups, there's a battle mode which is currently still in development. I've often heard players of Mario Kart games cite the battle modes as some of their favorites, sometimes even over the actual racing modes. The battle mode in Super Indie Karts is best described as a block fortress kind of experience, though it may get further features in the leadup to the game's full release. That's right: Super Indie Karts is one of those Early Access titles that has been in development for quite some time (since 2015). Developer One Legged Seagull wasn't sure at first whether to make the Ultra Update a full-fledged sequel or just include the content in the final game, but as we can now see, he chose the latter. Super Indie Karts will be releasing with a grand total of around fifty tracks.


Super Indie Karts is set for a release sometime this year, but there's no specific date just yet. Now that the game's final updates and touch-ups are being added, we may hear more soon. If you want to try it out for yourself, it's available via Steam for $9.99 thanks to its Early Access program. It's hard to say whether we'll see the game on consoles at some point, but for now, PC is good! If you'd rather see it in action, One Legged Seagull provided a brand new trailer for the Ultra Update, viewable just below here. Judging by the very positive reviews of it on Steam, Super Indie Karts looks to have a bright future ahead of it.


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