With Supermassive's next horror hit a little over a month away, more info is dripping out about the project, especially throughout this past week. For some context, Supermassive Games are the talented team behind the 2015 horror game 'Until Dawn', a narrative-focused tale that forces players to make decisions at multiple points with deadly consequences. The fun and challenge of the game was to see if you could keep all the characters alive by the end. If it wasn't obvious, the game sold really well, receiving glowing reviews and thoughts from critics and the fanbase. Supermassive ended up deciding to expand upon what made Until Dawn so great, starting development on a horror anthology series known as The Dark Pictures. The Dark Pictures will encompass multiple video games, all featuring different settings but all playing like Until Dawn did.


Just the other day, Supermassive took to the PlayStation Blog to unveil a new gameplay mode that will feature as a standard in every Dark Picture game: Multiplayer. I know, right? What in the world is multiplayer doing in a single player game up the alley of Until Dawn? Turns out, it's not your typical multiplayer. Man of Medan will have two multiplayer modes if you have a friend or four to get in on the fun: Shared Story mode and Movie Night mode. Shared Story mode is a sort of online co-op, where both you and a buddy must make decisions that will affect one another in the story. The outcomes could be good or bad, meaning you don't always have to play nice in this mode. Movie Night, meanwhile, is more of a party experience. You and up to four other players can enjoy Man of Medan locally with couch co-op. Each player selects a character that he/she will play as in Man of Medan's cast, and as the game progresses, it will prompt you to pass the controller to that player when it's their turn to be in control. The mode also keeps track of how everyone is playing.

The decision to mix in these new modes came from the community collaboration behind Until Dawn. "We were so impressed by the innovative and collaborative ways people played Until Dawn together that we created this feature to help facilitate that way of playing," explains Supermassive in the post. The Dark Pictures will be taking a unique approach by having every game in the anthology directed and developed by different people and teams within Supermassive. While all will be tackling different genres of horror (Man of Medan's being a ghost ship), all will still function under the same Until Dawn framework. The only connection between the games will be a mysterious narrator character by the name of The Curator. By splitting up the games between teams, Supermassive hopes to release at least two Dark Pictures titles every year, with a max total of eight planned when all is said and done.


Man of Medan is set to release on August 30th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Those last two platforms will come as a surprise, since Until Dawn was notable as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Supermassive has decided to branch out on the platforms, giving the Xbox and PC crowds a taste of the Until Dawn experience. The game will follow a group of young Americans (David Bowie references!) who are traveling somewhere abouts in the South Pacific for a vacation and good times. As mentioned up above, the setting of this title is a ghost ship. You do the math on how spooky it's going to get. If you want to read more about Man of Medan itself, as well as its two unique multiplayer modes, you can get the scoop on the PlayStation Blog. If not that, there's always the nice, unsettling trailer below.


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