You've just bought a Nintendo Switch plus 3 games for it. One of the top features of the Switch is the ability to take it anywhere you go. It makes long car rides way more bearable but you don't want the Switch to get damaged or scratched up while you're out.

You're going to need to pick up a heavy-duty case to keep it safe. Maybe something hard on the outside to protect it from the elements but soft on the inside to protect the screen. There are plenty of them like that if you know where to look.

To help you pick out the best case for your console, here are a few of the best Nintendo Switch Cases on the market.

1. Charizard Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

On top of this case featuring the iconic Pokémon and being absolutely gorgeous, it comes with all the bells and whistles that you need. There is the case itself that you can use to carry the Switch around in.

You'll get rubber joy-con controller covers to keep those safe. It also makes for a more comfortable gaming session. You'll also get a pretty cleaning cloth that you can use to keep your Switch in prime condition all day.

2. Fintie Nintendo Switch Carry Case

The Finti case is hard on the outside to protect your console in the event that you drop it on the ground. It's designed to fit tight around the Switch to keep it in place as you walk around.

The interior is velvety soft to stop the screen from getting scratched up. Even though it's a tight fit in there you'll still have a net storage area that will fit up to ten games.

3. Orzly Nintendo Switch Carry Case

Much like the Fintie, the Orzly has a hard exterior shell that protects your console in the event that you drop it. It also protects it if you're carrying it when a freak rain shower hits because it can keep out the elements.

It's soft on the inside so your Switch screen won't get scratched up. Unlike the Fenti, the inside has a bit more space so you can fit every accessory that you need in it.

4. Pikachu Nintendo Switch Carry Case

This Switch case is themed after the famous Pikachu. For one, it's absolutely adorable. For two, it can hold the console, a few sets of joy-con controllers, ten games, and an HDMI cord.

It's also small and fashionable enough for you to carry around as part of your outfit.

5. PowerA Everywhere Messanger Bag

Are you taking your Switch to a friend's house with you? It can be a pain to bring every aspect of the console with you. The PowerA Everywhere Messanger Bag makes it easy.

It will fit everything you'll need including the game system, the charger, the dock, the joy-cons, any other controllers you have, everything.

6. Zadii Nintendo Switch Travel Case

The Zadii can also carry around every aspect of the Switch. The difference is that the Zadii case has foam cut out dips that you can place your items in.

It restricts everything from moving around so it's less likely that anything will get broken. It includes a pocket that you can use to carry games. You'll be able to bring about 24 games anywhere you go.

7. WaterField Multiplayer Pro Case

If you don't like your case to be too bulky, this one might be the one for you. It's a stylish satchel that can carry everything you need from your consoles to a power bank.

It's great no matter if you're taking it out on the road, on vacation, or to a friend's party.

8. RDS Industries Nintendo Switch Travel Case

The RDS Industries Nintendo Switch case carries your game console and your games. It's hard on both sides to protect the game system from being damaged.

It comes in plain black and if you're a Legend of Zelda fan, you can find grey and blue ones with Link on it.

9. Super Mario Nintendo Switch Case

If you're a huge Super Mario fan then you're going to love this case. Like the case we mentioned above, it's hard on both sides to protect your Switch from getting damaged.

There is a pouch inside where you can put your smaller Switch accessories along with up to 8 games. As a bonus, it's cute. It mimics Mario's iconic look, complete with denim overalls.

10. Sheikah Slate

If you've played Breath of the Wild then you're probably familiar with the Sheikah Slate that Link carries around with him. This Switch case will allow you to carry around your very own copy.

It's a 3-D printed case that you can buy from Etsy. It conforms around your Switch much like a phone case would so while it will protect the Switch.

You'll probably need to bring an extra bag for your other accessories. A minor inconvenience for a case that looks so cool.

The Best Nintendo Switch Cases to Protect Your System

Other than games, one of the first things that you should buy with your Nintendo Switch is a case. You need something to protect it in the event that you drop it on the ground or you're caught in the rain.

Having a case will also allow you to take your Switch anywhere you want to go. Try out one of these awesome Nintendo Switch cases. Game from everywhere.

You're going to need a screen protector to go with that case. Keep reading to see some of the best ones that you can buy.

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