For all of those who played and got into 2016's No Man's Sky, their eyes have likely been trained carefully on the next title from developer Hello Games: The Last Campfire. The game was unveiled at the end of 2018, and looks like a smaller-scale, more intimate adventure compared to the quintillion-planet universe of NMS. Word on the game has been pretty spotty since then, with Hello Games giving it a brief appearance at various press conferences and events since that time. We knew going into this year that we'd see it release sometime before 2020 was up. As with all things, COVID-19 made that hope a little more uncertain. Well, fear not, because The Last Campfire is out now!


Hello Games gave the game a soft announcement on the PlayStation Blog the other day with a single day of buildup: The Last Campfire went on to debut on all platforms on August 27th the very next day. Surprise announcements like these are always fun, because it makes the expected wait for the game's launch day go by in an instant. Hello Games' co-founder, Sean Murray, gave readers a more in-depth description of what to expect from TLC going in. "It's a game about loss, hope and empathy," the post reads. "You play as Ember, a lost soul in a charming but dark world. On your path you find others like you, some of whom have lost their way and turned forlorn. It's up to you as a player to choose who to help."

Murray goes on to describe the meat of the gameplay found within The Last Campfire, in which players will solve puzzles and platforming challenges alike in their journey. Murray describes the overall world of TLC as "quite large", and so, the game features an exploration mode for players who want to kick back, relax, and simply explore the world and talk to its characters. The Last Campfire has been put together over the past couple of years as a passion project for Hello Games' Chris Symonds and Steven Burgess, and the thematic goal of the game is to give players the sense that they're exploring an ancient world with a lot of history and lore tucked away in every corner.


The Last Campfire is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Apple Arcade. For those looking to play on PC, TLC is an Epic Games Store exclusive (at least for now). Got to say, between the epic, expansive universe of No Man's Sky and the beautiful, dark, cinematic platforming of TLC, Hello Games has come a long way since their industry debut with Joe Danger. Despite the controversy surrounding No Man's Sky's release, the team built up a lot of goodwill with all of the fixes and features they've added to the game since then. All of this, alongside the release of The Last Campfire, just makes me wonder what other kinds of games Hello Games will put out in the future. 


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