There are many RPGs on the market now - but few set to absorb you in the world with their sheer atmosphere. The Other Half is a dark fantasy adventure with RPG mechanics that sets you in areas that could be serene - like a snowy mass of land, or a bit unnerving - like an abandoned park adorned by the remnants of a Ferris Wheel.


The game's premise is that a demon hunter receives a letter from a man pleading with him for help against a demonic infestation. His mountainous home is overrun and help is needed, so the hunter does what he can to assist. The once-stunning world has been ruined by these demons as they rob the area of whatever joy and beauty it had before.


The world itself tells its own story, with every area you battle in showing the wounds of battles fought in the past. The characters have a minimalist art style when it comes to detail, but that allows the world itself to be given more detail - and thus shifts the focus to the damage done to the world instead of to either enemies or even your own character.

Very little has been shown of the combat so far, but what has been shown looks to be briskly-paced - with an emphasis placed on planning your attacks instead of just going in ready to kill. The use of fire allows you to keep some distance between yourself and your rivals while teleporting around the battlefield enables you to avoid attacks to some degree and focus on survival.


Enemies range in some from small foes to large boss-like characters that can fill the screen, and result in you dying before learning their weaknesses and improving your battle plan. The game itself seeks to educate while also destroying the player, and will reward patient play with an easier overall time - you just have to slow your own pacing down a bit. The Other Half features full voice work alongside a narration of the story, and those who want to just enjoy the story can do so with the narrative mode. This is something that console gamers have seen from time to time with companies like Nintendo offering up a mode that basically plays the game for you - but this does so by stripping the difficulty away and simply allows you to take in the story instead of worrying about only seeing it progress with battle.

The Other Half was announced in early August and will be coming to Linux, Mac, and PC on November 2. The game doesn't have a price point yet - nor is it available in any kind of early access, but from what has been shown so far, it looks quite promising and definitely aims to do a few things differently when it comes to action RPGs.

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