Well, this is it, folks! As of today, we're just a full week away from the launch of The Outer Worlds, the newest RPG from developer Obsidian Entertainment. Almost as if sensing our growing hype, especially with the game being a week away, Obsidian took it upon themselves to put together a launch trailer for The Outer Worlds. The trailer, clocking in at around just under two minutes, is brief enough not to waste time but in-depth enough to give you a good idea at what's what with this game. Let's dissect it and see what we can expect, shall we? Fittingly enough, this game is being published by Private Division, the ones responsible for publishing another space-related game series: Kerbal Space Program.


If you think the name 'Obsidian' sounds familiar, that's no accident. It's been a while, to be fair, since they've put out anything new in the shooter space. They've been fairly busy the past few years with their Pillars of Eternity series. Obsidian Entertainment is well known as the developers behind Fallout: New Vegas, one of Fallout's more popular spinoff entries. The game was praised critically and by fans for its more in-depth RPG gameplay and characterization, in contrast to the mainline Fallout series. Go farther back and you'll find that Obsidian was also responsible for Star Wars KOTOR II, the popular sequel to the first Knights of the Old Republic RPG. To say these guys love RPGs would be like saying the sky is blue. Luckily for us, Obsidian is looking to make something fresh, yet familiar, with The Outer Worlds; it's a game steeped clearly in inspiration from Fallout: New Vegas, but with a brand new story and universe to allow Obsidian to play with.

As the launch trailer highlights, The Outer Worlds is about player choice and who you want to be. Like New Vegas, the game meshes together first-person shooter gameplay with heavy RPG elements. At the start of the game, you'll be able to create your own character with a pretty hefty character creator. As you play through The Outer Worlds, the way your character develops as a person is determined by how you interact with the locals of the space colony you explore. It's made up of different factions and corporations, and the fate of these will also shift and change depending on how you influence the story (again, similar to New Vegas). Being an RPG, combat has a lot of focus on stats, skills, and weapon customization. You can even slow downtime as you fight, letting you take in enemy statistics and plan out your course of action as you go.


Naturally, the launch trailer is complete with the song 20th Century Boy backing it. How fitting. You can view the trailer in full just below this article. The Outer Wilds is now only a week away, set to launch on October 25th. You can pick it up for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Windows PC, with Obsidian promising enhancements for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions. A Switch port is planned for some time down the road, but there's no date for it yet. Console players picking the game up at retail will want to keep in mind the game has a pretty sizable day one patch, especially on Xbox One. The price to pay for having an awesome physical collection, am I right? Do note not to confuse this game with the recently released Outer Wilds, an indie game made by Mobius Digital about a time loop in a solar system going supernova.


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