After weeks of hype and one small delay, Sony's PlayStation 5 Event went off without a hitch. There's a lot of ground to cover, as the event showcased several huge reveals, but none bigger than the reveal dropped at the very end of the conference: The PlayStation 5 itself. I've been saying over and over again this past year how Xbox has been quite open with the appearance of the Xbox Series X, letting that reveal fly fairly early. Up until now, Sony has been a lot more coy when it comes to the PlayStation 5. Before this, the biggest thing we knew about it was its controller. Now, we've got the console's appearance, editions, accessories, and a huge lineup of video games that will be coming to it over the course of the next year or two. Without further ado: The PlayStation 5.


As you can tell, the appearance of the DualSense controller hinted at what the PS5 was going to look like. The console is indeed white all over, sandwiching a darker middle segment that houses the console's beefy hardware and various ports. Based off Sony's wording on the console's design, it sounds like this will be the only variant it comes in (for now, anyway). The curvy design of the console was chosen purposefully, in an effort to make the PS5 appear more like a "part of the house" than your average gaming system; basically, more like a piece of furniture. On top of the console itself, Sony revealed various pieces of equipment that will support the PS5, including a headset, media remote, charging stand for the DualSense controllers, and a camera. It's unknown at this time if these will come with the console or require purchase separately. Perhaps the most surprising fact about the PS5 is that it will come in two editions: The standard and digital edition. The latter comes without a disc drive, being made entirely for people who no longer purchase physical games.

But what's a console without games to support it? Sony was no slouch when it came to this, dropping reveal after reveal left and right for over an hour. While you can catch all of the announcements in the conference proper, here are some of the big highlights. The show kicked off with a bang with the reveal of Spider-Man Miles Morales. Insomniac also dropped the reveal for a brand new Ratchet and Clank game: Rift Apart. Resident Evil VIII was finally revealed after numerous rumors. GTA 5 is getting ported to PS5. GhostWire: Tokyo finally got its first look. Phew, I need to take a breath. Some of the bigger reveals were saved for the end of the show. These include a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn (Horizon: Forbidden West), and a full-on remake of Dark Souls' predecessor Demon Souls. The one's handling the remake are none other than Bluepoint Games, the guys behind 2018's Shadow of the Colossus remake. All aboard the hype train!


Just based off what I mentioned above, you can tell it was quite an action-packed conference. You're in luck if you missed out on it, because you can catch the full thing below here. I would cook up some food and grab a drink before you do though, as the entirety of the event clocks in a little over an hour long. It's a good time, so buckle in. Sony has promised that more details on the PS5 will be revealed over the coming months, including the big question looming over everything: What's the price of the console? For that matter, will the digital edition cost any differently than the standard? All that and more should be revealed in time. For now, make sure to stay on top of all the news that sure to follow in the wake of the monumental conference. With the PS5 finally revealed, the stage is set for this holiday season as Sony and Microsoft prepare their big launches.


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