It's always nice to see more happening with The World Ends With You. It's hard being a fan of the series, as the original game came out in 2007-2008 and hasn't seen a sequel since. That's not for lack of trying from director Tetsuya Nomura, however. Interest in the game has been renewed recently thanks to 2018's Switch port of the game, Final Remix, which updated it with smooth visuals and a new scenario. It seems that's not the only new TWEWY content we're getting, however. After a brief tease one month ago, the news is out, real, and official: The World Ends With You is receiving an anime adaptation through anime network Funimation. I couldn't think of a better fit for the anime space, really.


The anime will serve as a re-telling of the original game's story, complete with some expanded scenes to boot. "The World Ends With You The Animation follows Neku Sakuraba as he's thrust into a video game scenario in Shibuya called Reaper's Game that will have him fighting for his life," the official Funimation description reads. "Along with the allies he teams up with along the way, Neku will have to make it to the end to see his humanity again." TWEWY the Animation was announced at the FunimationCon 2020 event, and will be directed by Kazuya Ichikawa. The production side of things is being handled by Domerica x Shin-EI Animation. Based off the trailer that Funimation put out for it, the team is aiming to keep consistent with the game's punk art style, and it shows.

The original TWEWY on Nintendo DS was a bit of an oddball RPG, which is part of what gained it such popularity. Featuring the recognizable art style of Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura, the game sent players across a recreation of Shibuya, Japan in a fight for survival. The battle system was the most unique part about it, tasking players to pay attention to the top and bottom screens of the DS at the same time while controlling two different characters. The game later got ported to mobile devices, ditching the two-screen combat system in favor of a simplified version. The Final Remix Switch port kept this one-screen combat style, while throwing in a few new plot points to hint at a long-awaited sequel. This sequel hype increased further with the ending of KH3 and its followup DLC, both of which hinted something TWEWY-related is coming.


There's no doubt Tetsuya Nomura wants to do more with TWEWY as time goes on, and hopefully with the release of this anime, more people will discover the game for themselves and give it a go. The official release date for TWEWY The Animation is simply listed as 2021 for now, so we'll have to wait a bit longer for anything more specific. Make sure to watch the trailer below for it; it's a rather faithful recreation of the game's art style, and a perfect way to revisit the world of Shibuya and the Reaper's Game. As for the game itself, you can play it on Nintendo DS, Android/iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Just keep in mind the changes to the battle system and art style when deciding on a version to play. Since Final Remix adds in a whole new chapter, it's practically required reading if you go for the DS version first.


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