Well, that's a wrap! With Ubisoft Forward aired, there's not too much mystery behind the company's activities and games at the current moment. Rest assured, though, that this isn't the end of the proceedings. At the tail-end of the conference, Ubisoft revealed they'll be holding additional Ubisoft Forwards later in the year (no exact date was given yet). In any case, the first one was a doozy; while it consisted heavily of cinematic trailers, there were some good gameplay trailers to go alongside them, and the confirmation of several release dates. Today, we'll be going through the biggest highlights and overview of what you may have missed. Strap in, and make sure to get ready for a LOT of open-world games (did you know Ubisoft has a thing for those?).


The conference kicked off with Watch Dogs: Legion, a game pretty much everyone expected to see here. As one of Ubisoft's more popular series, fans were looking forward to seeing more of the game's wild concept: Every NPC in the game can be recruited into hacktivist collective DedSec, meaning everyone is playable. This is achieved through a random generation of skill sets, tools, and personalities, and it's why the game is named what it is. Legion got both a fast-paced cinematic trailer and an in-depth bit of gameplay. It's slated for release on October 29th, and will be compatible with Xbox's Smart Delivery for a next-gen upgrade. Some mobile announcements followed this, such as mobile ports for Brawlhalla, a big update for Might & Magic, and a closer look at the upcoming Tom Clancy's Elite Squad. This then led to the reveal of a new battle royale game in development through Ubisoft: Hyper Scape. The futuristic battle royale is undergoing open beta as we speak, through Uplay on PC at least.

Then came one of the games everyone was most excited about: Assassin's Creed Valhalla. As the next AC game, the team at Ubisoft wanted to portray the life of Vikings in a more historically accurate light, showing that they're not the mindless killing machines that history sometimes makes them out to be. The world of Valhalla is just as fleshed out as you'd expect, and just like the more recent games (Origins and Odyssey to be specific), combat follows a similar setup and you can choose between a male or female protagonist. New mechanics include the ability to dual-wield any weapon, including shields. AC Valhalla releases on November 17th. Last, but certainly not least, was the announcement trailer for Far Cry 6. Due to Internet leaks, we knew this one was coming, but it didn't damper down the cool factor one bit. While only remaining a cinematic trailer for now, what we got to see of Far Cry 6 was very interesting. Naturally, Giancarlo Esposito was front in center as the game's newest antagonist, alongside his son (who many believe might be a younger Vaas from Far Cry 3). The game is set to release on February 18th next year.


So, that's everything! It wasn't the longest conference, yet Ubisoft did manage to jam-pack it front to back with something for just about everyone. It was a good stream, even if the company themselves have been undergoing some scandals lately in regards to toxic workplace culture. You can catch the full archived stream down below, which also includes the countdown and pre-show. If you want to skip to the actual event itself, it's around the 1 hour 28-minute mark. There's also a post-show that delves further into the gameplay of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, so make sure to catch that if you're interested. With all of these release dates, Ubisoft is set to go for the remainder of the year. Makes one wonder what else they have up their sleeves for another Ubisoft Forward. The next big not-E3 event is Microsoft's dive into Xbox Series X first-party games on July 23rd.


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