The developers over at Snapshot Games have just released a massive update regarding the release of their upcoming strategy game Phoenix Point. After being successfully crowdfunded about a year ago, the anticipation regarding the game has been profound, and various additions to the development team have been made to ensure a worthy final product. Due to the increase in production value, the release date has been pushed back to a target release of June 2019.


The team ensures that this delay will allow for a much larger splash come launch, and assure eager players who have pre-ordered that the focus on quality is never-ending. Some of the most recent work that the team is tackling is in regards to mending various bug-fixes and quality of life improvements. Phoenix Point has just been updated with versions that include a full Mac OS X and Linux build that were initially delayed due to major technical issues that have since been fully resolved. Those who backed the project on Kickstarter will have the opportunity to test these builds out soon and will receive a download link in an email within the next few days.

Other fixes and additions include an added basic options screen that will allow players to optimize sound and more comprehensive gamepad controls. The AI behavior of the crab men gunners has been improved, and an error that caused the first person targeted by shots being fired in the wrong direction has been taken care of. The queen will no longer attack you if she moved in her turn, map passability problems are non-existent, and usual freezes are now a thing of the past. There are still some kinks that need to be worked out in the Mac OS X and Linux versions given their fresh arrival, but the team is currently working on smoothing those out.


For those not too familiar with Phoenix Point, picture a world where mutating aliens are a civil threat and scientists must rush to the rescue to contain a massive contamination breach. The year is 2047, and most of the human population has been decimated. The few survivors have gathered in isolated havens that are spread throughout the world, with a few factions controlling most of the remaining resources. Issues begin to arise when radically contrasting ideologies begin to amass within the individual factions. As deep secrets begin to become guarded or completely hidden from seemingly opposing havens, a massive rift of trust hinders the remaining society and causes a safe future to appear less and less viable.


The Phoenix Project contains members of a worldwide organization that are only to be called when the world is in peril. Players adopt a role as one of these associates and control one cell while gathering some of the best scientists, soldiers, and engineers in the world for aid. Once the cell is activated, you'll soon realize the outcome isn't what you expected, and will need to scramble to find a better means to survive in a world more vacuous than a void.

If this game seems interesting to you, be sure to keep an eye out for further updates, and to keep it on your wish-list until it comes out June of next year for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux builds.

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