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A New Indie Game Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles, Launches For PC and Linux

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles, a game with a retro survival horror look, launched yesterday on Steam.

3 years ago
Tower of Time Has Just Received a Massive Linux Update

Tower of Time has recently updated their Linux build, and prepare to leave Early Access in a few weeks.

3 years ago
STRAFE: Millennium Edition Is Now Available For Linux

With ammo and speed on your side, prepare to take on the enemies of the galaxy in this ever-changing landscape.

3 years ago
The Bard's Tale IV's Gameplay Takes Inspiration From Digital Card Games

The series returns 30 years later with a similar style, modern graphics, and a whole new combat system.

3 years ago
Pillars Of Eternity II Deadfire Gets A Features Trailer

A brand new trailer has come for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Check it out here!

3 years ago
New Racing Game Trailblazers is Launching This Spring for All Major Consoles, Including Linux

This Spring of 2018 a new style of racing game will be launching called Trailblazers.

3 years ago
Stardew Valley developer shows off multiplayer mode

Stardew Valley developer shows off multiplayer featuring LAN gameplay with other players.

3 years ,3 months ago
Why some Linux games and software shouldn't be ported to Windows

Why I believe that not all Linux games and software deserve a Windows port.

3 years ,4 months ago
Pictures of the Linux powered Ataribox joystick has been released and it looks beautiful

The Ataribox joystick stays true to the original Atari 2600 design but also gives it a splash of modern style.

3 years ,4 months ago
Linux gamers are trying to get a future port for Cyberpunk 2077

Linux gamers are starting a support thread to get a future Linux port of Cyberpunk 2077

3 years ,4 months ago
Ant colony simulator Empires of the Undergrowth coming to Steam early access

A real-time strategy game where you get to command an ant colony is heading to Steam next month.

3 years ,4 months ago

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