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A New Indie Game Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles, Launches For PC and Linux

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles, a game with a retro survival horror look, launched yesterday on Steam.

3 years ,6 months ago
Tower of Time Has Just Received a Massive Linux Update

Tower of Time has recently updated their Linux build, and prepare to leave Early Access in a few weeks.

3 years ,6 months ago
STRAFE: Millennium Edition Is Now Available For Linux

With ammo and speed on your side, prepare to take on the enemies of the galaxy in this ever-changing landscape.

3 years ,6 months ago
The Bard's Tale IV's Gameplay Takes Inspiration From Digital Card Games

The series returns 30 years later with a similar style, modern graphics, and a whole new combat system.

3 years ,6 months ago
Pillars Of Eternity II Deadfire Gets A Features Trailer

A brand new trailer has come for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Check it out here!

3 years ,6 months ago
New Racing Game Trailblazers is Launching This Spring for All Major Consoles, Including Linux

This Spring of 2018 a new style of racing game will be launching called Trailblazers.

3 years ,6 months ago
Stardew Valley developer shows off multiplayer mode

Stardew Valley developer shows off multiplayer featuring LAN gameplay with other players.

3 years ,9 months ago
Why some Linux games and software shouldn't be ported to Windows

Why I believe that not all Linux games and software deserve a Windows port.

3 years ,10 months ago
Linux gamers are trying to get a future port for Cyberpunk 2077

Linux gamers are starting a support thread to get a future Linux port of Cyberpunk 2077

3 years ,10 months ago
Ant colony simulator Empires of the Undergrowth coming to Steam early access

A real-time strategy game where you get to command an ant colony is heading to Steam next month.

3 years ,11 months ago

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