New Documentary Reveals Why Valve Never Finished HL3 or Left 4 Dead 3

The mystery is finally gone, and hopefully, we can now move forward.

9 months, 19 days ago

Superhot's Sequel, Mind Control Delete, Surprise Releases Next Week

The followup to the first time-bending FPS will be completely free for buyers of the original.

9 months, 25 days ago

Far Cry 6 Leaked With a Proper Reveal to Arrive During Ubisoft Forward

The game looks very far cry, and features one of Breaking Bad's most iconic villains as the antagonist.

9 months, 25 days ago

The World Ends With You Getting an Official Anime Adaptation on Funimation

The hit DS/Switch JRPG is coming back to life yet again in an entirely new medium.

9 months, 25 days ago

Xbox Series X Games Showcase Airing Live on July 23rd

With Sony's outing finished, it's Microsoft's turn to show and tell for their first-party lineup.

9 months, 26 days ago

Rockstar Games Has a 'AAA Open World VR' Game in Development

In what would mark their second VR outing, Rockstar has something big, and unknown, planned.

9 months, 26 days ago

PlayStation Indies Initiative Announces 9 New Indie Games Coming to PlayStation

The indie space for PS4/PS5 is about to get a few new friends.

9 months, 30 days ago

Rumors Surround a New Fable Game After Microsoft Renews Its Online Presence

Could a new Fable game be on the horizon after all of these years?

9 months, 30 days ago

NBA 2K21's Next-Gen Versions Will Cost $70 Rather Than $60

NBA 2K21 will be a bit pricier if you're waiting for the next generation of consoles.

10 months ago

Avalanche Software's Harry Potter Game Reportedly Aiming For 2021 Release

Despite some unfortunate events surrounding the series' creator, the new game is still well on track.

10 months, 1 day ago

Square Enix Plans to Reveal Several New Games Through July and August

In lieu of E3, the publisher has plans for individual reveals of a new lineup.

10 months, 1 day ago

Nintendo Reportedly Distancing Further Away From Mobile Games

Despite the goals of a lucrative mobile pipeline, Nintendo now appears to be shifting gears.

10 months, 6 days ago

Suda51 Kind Of Reveals First-Ever No More Heroes 3 Gameplay

The eccentric developer reveals footage of his new game in the most joking fashion possible.

10 months, 7 days ago

Shawn Layden Wants to See a Return of Smaller AAA Games

The ex-PlayStation head warns about the unsustainable future for AAA game development.

10 months, 8 days ago

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is Officially Announced With Zany Trailer

Crash is back a decade later with the next official entry in the series; it really IS about time!

10 months, 8 days ago

Smash Bros. Ultimate's Next DLC Fighter is Min Min From Arms

The roster for Smash is getting about as long as Min Min's deadly arms.

10 months, 9 days ago

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Delayed Again to November

CD Projekt Red divulges more details on the game as it gets hit with yet another delay.

10 months, 12 days ago

Kingdom Hearts Rhythm Game and Mobile Game Both Releasing This Year

The new titles are the latest in the '2nd phase' for the series, alongside some mysterious future games.

10 months, 12 days ago

The Nintendo Switch is Getting an All-New Pokémon Snap Game

Gotta snap 'em all in the long-awaited followup to a 1999 classic.

10 months, 14 days ago

Persona 4 Golden Makes a Surprise Launch on Steam

One of the best JRPGs around is now fully playable on PC for the first time ever.

10 months, 15 days ago

EA Announces Star Wars: Squadrons, a New Spaceflight Focused Star Wars Game

Soar through the stars and shoot down your foes in the latest game in the Star Wars universe.

10 months, 16 days ago

Resident Evil 8 (Village) Announced as a Direct Sequel to RE7

Ethan's back, but nothing is what it appears to be in the latest RE entry.

10 months, 21 days ago

The PlayStation 5 Has Been Officially Revealed

Sony unveils their next-gen console alongside dozens of games to come for it.

10 months, 21 days ago

Sega's Very Own Alex Kidd Returning in Miracle World Remake

Hop on board the remake train, because another classic is getting the treatment: Alex Kidd.

10 months, 21 days ago