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Kojima Productions Eventually Plans to Make Films Alongside Games

Kojima outlines his plans for the studio's future beyond Death Stranding, as well as the future of games.

1 year ,10 months ago
EA Will Begin Selling Their Games on Steam Once Again

After 8 years of absence from the storefront, EA is ready to partner back up with Valve.

1 year ,11 months ago
Death Stranding Will Make Its Way to PC in Mid 2020

Kojima's next big game will now be available to an even wider audience.

1 year ,11 months ago
The Outer Worlds Gets An Out of This World Launch Trailer

Obsidian's next big RPG is ready for launch, and its new trailer highlights that more than ever.

2 years ago
League of Legends is Getting an FPS, Card Game, Fighting Game, and RPG

League of Legends just got even bigger, and Riot has an insane amount to share on its anniversary.

2 years ago
Fortnite Chapter 2 Now Live After Previous Map Gets Destroyed by a Black Hole

Following an ominous two day absence, Fortnite is back with a new chapter and new overhauls.

2 years ago
Doom Eternal Hit With a Delay, New Pre-Order Bonus, and More

Polishing time is needed, meaning we won't be seeing Doom Eternal until 2020.

2 years ago
Katamari Damacy Creator's Newest Game, Wattam, Rolls Into a Release Window

Get ready for more catchy music, friendship, and happiness when Wattam releases later this year.

2 years ago
Remedy Reveals Future DLC For Control All the Way Into 2020

Control isn't ready to shut away its weirdness, and a future DLC could hint at an Alan Wake continuation.

2 years ,1 month ago
Her Story Creator's 'Telling Lies' Releases Within the Week

Another set of tapes, another mystery; Telling Lies has sprung up and is very close to release.

2 years ,2 months ago
Anthem's Lead Producer Departs From BioWare to a New Company

After a troubled launch period, Anthem loses its lead producer in a shakeup at BioWare.

2 years ,2 months ago
Indie Games on Steam You Should Check Out

Here is a small list of Indie games on Steam that we think you should check out.

2 years ,2 months ago

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A New Saints Row Game is 'Deep in Development' From Volition

After nary a peep from the franchise in several years, we'll finally be getting another Saints Row.

2 years ,2 months ago
Nightdive Studios Begins Work on System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition

While it's not quite clear what enhanced may mean, SS2 is coming back in an exciting way.

2 years ,2 months ago
Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Will Begin Disclosure of Loot Box Odds

The big three have rallied together behind a common cause, one that takes aim at loot box systems.

2 years ,2 months ago
Ooblets Developer Faces Intense Harassment and Backlash After Epic Exclusivity Deal

The situation behind the Epic Store has reached a boiling point, and those involved have a lot to say.

2 years ,2 months ago
Oninaki Gets a Playable Demo on All Platforms With Save Transferring

Get a taste of Tokyo RPG Factory's next big game a whole month ahead of schedule.

2 years ,2 months ago
Supermassive Unveils Online and Local Multiplayer Modes for Man of Medan

With Supermassive's upcoming horror anthology series, you can share the horror with friends.

2 years ,3 months ago
New Lord of the Rings MMO in Development at Amazon for PC / Consoles

With a team of veterans and a high budget, a new MMO for the LotR series looks promising.

2 years ,3 months ago
Epic Games Offers Refunds For Shenmue 3 Backers Angered by Steam Delay

With Steam backers upset by the year delay, Epic is looking to clean up similar situations going forward.

2 years ,3 months ago
Remedy Entertainment Regains Publishing Rights to the Alan Wake Series

With Alan Wake back in the hands of its original developer, the future is looking... bright.

2 years ,3 months ago
Hollow Knight: Silksong DLC is Becoming a Full Sequel to the First Game

A fantastic metroidvania gem's little expansion has grown into something larger, and stars a popular character.

2 years ,8 months ago
Moonlighter's Friends and Foes Update Now Available

Free Moonlighter Update Brings With it a Slew of New Content and Features.

2 years ,8 months ago
Neon Krieger Yamato Brings a New Breed of Puzzle-Platforming to Linux and Windows PC

Debut Effort from LIONPLEX Shows off Bright Graphics and Fast Action.

2 years ,8 months ago