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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Finally Gets a Release Date

The long-awaited remastered classic will be heading to all platforms relatively soon.

1 year ,4 months ago
Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated Gets a Nautical Trailer Just Ahead of Release

Your childhood has never come back in a cooler way.

1 year ,5 months ago
Id Software Reveals What Went Wrong With Doom Eternal's Soundtrack

After weeks of behind-the-scenes drama, the curtain around Doom Eternal's OST has been pulled back.

1 year ,5 months ago
Nintendo Reportedly Will Not Be Holding an E3-Styled Direct in June

It looks as if Nintendo is holding off the proceedings for now, and the cause is the usual suspect.

1 year ,5 months ago
Deadly Premonition 2 is Ready To Weird Us Out Again This July

With a release date on the horizon, new gameplay and story details have emerged.

1 year ,5 months ago
Nintendo Confirms Account Breaches With Over 160,000 Switch Users Affected

Following a recent security breach in numerous Nintendo accounts, it's time to take action.

1 year ,5 months ago
Nintendo is parting ways with Super Mario Maker 2, but its final update brings some huge additions.

Nintendo is parting ways with Super Mario Maker 2, but its final update brings some huge additions.

1 year ,6 months ago
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Expansion Will Add Leif, Crazy Redd, and More

New Horizons' next big update is on its way, and it's bringing with it several familiar faces.

1 year ,6 months ago
Cooking Mama: Cookstar Was Released Early Against Developer's Wishes

The legal battle continues between the publisher and developer behind the latest Cooking Mama.

1 year ,6 months ago
Crysis Remastered Revealed For All Major Platforms, Switch Included

An influential first-person shooter gets a new coat of paint for all platforms; can it run Crysis?

1 year ,6 months ago
Nintendo Switch Receives Button Mapping and Data Transfer in New 10.0.0 Update

The update goes a far way in making the Switch even more accessible than before.

1 year ,6 months ago
China Bans Imported Sales of AC: New Horizons After In-Game Protests

Following a multitude of events, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a hub for protest.

1 year ,6 months ago

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Overwatch 2 Officially Announced With New Characters and a Story Mode

The long-awaited sequel to one of the most popular team-shooters is finally here, thanks to BlizzCon.

1 year ,10 months ago
Nintendo Reveals They're Open to Remaking More Handheld Games on Switch

The Switch does very well at its two purposes, but Nintendo is ready to double down on its portability.

1 year ,11 months ago
Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Debuts New Trailer and Japanese Release

The next Persona 5 spinoff is on the way, and Phantom Strikers doesn't look like your typical Musou.

1 year ,11 months ago
Fortnite Chapter 2 Now Live After Previous Map Gets Destroyed by a Black Hole

Following an ominous two day absence, Fortnite is back with a new chapter and new overhauls.

2 years ago
Nintendo Switch is Getting a New Brain Age Game

Train your brain in just minutes a day when the newest installment of Brain Age hits the Switch.

2 years ago
First Three Dragon Quest Games All Coming to Switch Alongside XI

Three retro classics will soon find a snug new home on Nintendo Switch.

2 years ,1 month ago
The Best Nintendo Switch Cases: Which is Right for You?

Are you looking to buy a new Nintendo switch case? If so, check out this guide to learn about the best Nintendo Switch cases.

2 years ,2 months ago
Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Will Begin Disclosure of Loot Box Odds

The big three have rallied together behind a common cause, one that takes aim at loot box systems.

2 years ,2 months ago
New Pokémon Sword and Shield Trailer Shows Off Rivals and Villains

With the holidays only a short jaunt away, the Pokémon Company is ready to show us more and more.

2 years ,2 months ago
EA Explains Why They're Not Interested in Bringing Games to the Switch

Despite the Switch's booming popularity, Electronic Arts doesn't seem too keen on the platform.

2 years ,2 months ago
Oninaki Gets a Playable Demo on All Platforms With Save Transferring

Get a taste of Tokyo RPG Factory's next big game a whole month ahead of schedule.

2 years ,2 months ago
Nintendo Targeted by Class Action Lawsuit Over Joy-Con Drift Issues

After numerous stories malfunctions piled up, Nintendo now finds itself in legal trouble.

2 years ,3 months ago